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About Love Lyrics
J-Dawg yea, yea... kinfolk you don't even understand
I don't love the bitch nooo

This ain't even about love, it's the way this girl handle a thug
She got a nigga like man I need this shit, but if you change
On me I'm a leave you bitch. rite now you got me and it ain't
Even about love it's the way this girl handle a thug, she got
A nigga like man I need this shit, but if you change on me I'm a
Leave you bitch.

[Verse 1:]
I got that jahiem bangin in my trunk, flippin through the hood
Smokin on some killa feelin good. my niggas lookin at me like you
On some love shit, I'm lookin like shit'd I gotta down ass bitch.
I'm wakin up to grits, eggs all that good shit, she made enough for me
She say she gone eat dick (nah that's love) I can't lie this hoe got my
Nose wide open she say she love it when I'm high so she keep me smokin.
(Fire) and I don't know wea she get it from, but everytime I come the hoe
Know she betta have some. at frist I thought the bitch was tryna be
Slick, it took about an hour for me to peep the shit. the girls green
It's a blessin from god, she's been prayin for something real she had a
Broken heart and at least she find peace in mind, she say if I neva
Change she gone always stay down and I believe this bitch.


[Verse 2:]
Rite now you got me, a sucka ass nigga? not me, see that I'll neva
Eva eva be, but what you will see is a buncha "g" shit like all
That wipe me down you ain't seen shit. I come up ot the bricks so
I learned from the best, got yung hogg tatted on yo neck and
Yo breast. ask me I'm I impressed I'm like bitch yes nah get yo ass
Out so I can get my rest. now I'm ready to get it gone take of yo
Clothes damn you the shit girl you killa them hoes forreal doe.
It's hard for me to show my feelins, but shit'd you can tell look at
How I'm chillen everyday. makin it my business and f*ck them otha bitches
My nigga my witness, I ain't f*ckin with shit. might meet a couple
Of hoes chill and get blowed then f*ck around and get some head
That's it I swear.

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