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Hawaiian Sophie Lyrics
featuring Jay-Z

I'm discussin it so buss it, cold profilin
Spent a little while in the Hawaiian Islands
Off the plane and hospitality came correct
A gang of aloos places round my neck
Bathed by the sunshine and the seas of pearls
Fanned by tanned skinned beautiful girls
A twitch of grass skirt caught my eye
I said aloha baby word life you're lookin fly
I said my name is Jaz and did amaze me
When she said the rapper yeah me and partner Jay-Z
My witness wasn't she stacked
Wasn't she pumpin slammin workin -- so true indeed black
She said I'd love to stay and chat but I'll
See you at the luau, won't that be nice now
Later on we can examine each other more closely
And by the way my name is Sophie

The luau was sharp, right Jay? (On the strength money)
Laughter good food and tons of honeys
Eat and be merry, festive drums playin
A real cool atmosphere, you know what I'm sayin?
Tipped through the crowd, aloha aloha
Mingled like a single, then yo I
Stopped dead in my tracks, and my heart did freeze
Eyes wide surprised to find Sophie's
Smilin at the Jaz for some reason or other
Clockin a brother, but standin with another
Who just so happened to catch her expression
Look in my direction as a sign of aggression
Approachin me and yo I ain't lyin
Was this big coconut eatin barefoot giant
Face to face I mean chest to face
My first prepared to hook off in haste
Then Sophie sweete than sugar a good looker
Broke in between, before homeboy shook her
Grabbed her took her away on the wild tip
On a macho tripthat ain't hip
Look to my partner Jay (yeah I saw it)
Shrugged his shoulders said (hey I can't call it)
I said I think she should just up and go free
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