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Give a Little Extra Lyrics
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You're my heart my love from the start correct? (yes)
True blue together forever no needto guess
The feelings we shared since day one
Are the feelings I can't stay away from
A hundred years of peace I hope we live to be
The longer to enjoy the things you give to me
I thank God for the day that I met ya
So there's no problem, with givin a little extra
Peace of mind I ceased to find before ya
Then you soothed my soul soon as I saw ya
When I need your love I just call ya
You bring me joy, babe and I adore ya
Nothin can phase or erase our romance
No other gets a glance, no other has a chance
To you, ooh? Is who I need to be nex ta
All that you give I can give a little extra
Secure the crib so you can rest your head
Wake up in the mornin eat your breakfast in bed
Pick you up from work and take you out to eat
Come home rest your feet and I'll change the sheets
I'm your soldier, your warrior huh, all out trooper
like a woman with a cape baby, I think you're Super
The prize that you are to me I place none above it
How you like it when I give a little extra (I love it)

People, I wasn't always spoken for
Afraid to get my heart broken sure
Sometimes only a diss follows a kiss
You got to take some risks to have a love like this
Meanin mine? Yo I ain't gon front, it's kinda beautiful
I'm not sayin that this is what I want you to do
You had a love that didn't go your way
You had negative personnel, dig what I say?
I had someone in the past, don't you believe me
I gave her the game, she could take it or leave me
Sure as the rhythm of the beat fits my rhyme
To her everytime, was buyin time
She said buy me this that those them and whatever honey-aca
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