Jay Tee - Shots To The Dome Lyrics

Jay Tee Lyrics

Shots To The Dome Lyrics
(feat. Baby Beesh, Cisco)

Cisco, how you livin?

[Verse 1: Cisco]
Sippin' tequila, bytin' on lemon
Surrounded by beautiful women, dance on they lennon
Brock to work, so hot, the whole room is smoking
Bodies bang like the boom, no we ain't joking
Momi got me on the lock, she made me wanna holla holla
So I hit the danceflo' and I pop my collar
I holla mira mira
It's goin' down tonight
Like 2 shots of tequila in your town tonight
I hit the bar like a star, next drink on me
I'm with my cousin Baby Bash and the playa Jay Tee
Call us the Clicka
Here come high with mas chica
The Party don't stop, till the last drop of tequila
The twisted lime in a wrist full of ice
So the price should pa, my crew not from nice
I know you herad about about my velvet jaw
My reputation for puttin' it down
Bar tender, another round

[Refrain x2: Jay Tee]
Once again it's on
We takin' shots to the dome
So drunk that we can't get home
So we gon' spend the night sittin' on chrome
In the back of the room

[Verse 2: Baby Beesh]
And I hit in the worst way
Act like it's your birthday
21 years on this earth, hey!
Club hand
Salsa, Merengue and Cumbia
With a touch of HipHop and bouncin' and ohh-lala
My baby got me on 4 shots
It's 5 in a minute
And we will give that to the sweet, made em dive and up in it
Oh way the second they have, nigger dance to my left
Wreck it on stage in a cage and oh, it's superbad
Best believe me
Ball to wall it's off the breazy
To the Po's, buy a rose for my breezy
Mamacita, my mamichula
Nobody cooler
In the place, we look at your face, she straight lace
1800 and fully blunted
Blowin' on that bomba
Uh, dancin' to the conga
And the rumba
Can't it forget it 'bout the lime squeezer
Me and my dog gon' do it with a fine chica

[Refrain x2]

[Verse 3: Jay Tee]
Lil chavalita
La mas bonita
Ey you want some cavacita
Or by the name a margarita
Ah, so she's superbad
Fresh on state, colourspread
Get in my cadillac and take it to my partner's bed
She started going there
What you want to going there?
But I'm a co-iner
She don't even knowin' that
I like the brew
Drank way cash, too
The liquor stores is closed but I already knew
No time to waste
I bought by a case
They try to waste
Takin' shots to the face
By 2,10 my playa be hollin'
I hear noises, big brother Earl callin'
But I ain't ready yet
We ain't gon' scary yet
Nobody's ready yet
Naw, ain't got the feri` yet
For my knee, just a little more time
To do it real big playa with tequila and lime

[Refrain x4]
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