Jay Rock - Walk With Me Lyrics

Jay Rock Lyrics

Walk With Me Lyrics
[Verse 1: Jay Rock]
J-A-Y Rock not Jigga
Tryna stack figures
I'm that nigga
Sitting in a parking lot, truck on sixes
Bad bitch with me, got a ass like delicious
Listen, I can paint pictures so vivid you would think I got a art degree
Walk with me, through my town where them killers dwell
Wild, wild Watts
Where we sell rocks, shots go off
Babies get chalked like hop scotch
She fifteen three kids ?
F*cking for some Js
Stripping for some change
Her baby daddy locked in chains
And he wanna blow his brains cause he lost his only girl to the game
Stress on your brain, it'll kill ya
Outta sight, outta mind
Tip bottles and roll swishas
Detectives at the precincts roll and post pictures while your homie pointing fingers
It's a cold world, nigga
Walk with me
I can show you them ins and outs
Stay in the house when them feds is out
Yeah, talking on your cellie
That'll get you twenty
Talking 'bout you got a spot around the corner booming
Not only that, niggas get jealous you better watch em
Soon as they catch you slipping, then they got ya
Hit you with them maracas
Stay sharp as Baraka
Prepare for the mortal combat
Push a button like Obama, drop bombs on ya
Hold my mama
It's a problem if you f*cking with my family or my dollars
Ride out in them Impalas
Four niggas with four choppers, four hundred rounds
Guaranteed heart stoppers

[Hook: Jay Rock]
Walk with me (walk with me)
I can show you them ins and outs
I can show you what a real nigga's about
Get money, f*ck bitches
Stay solid, stay sharp, stay, say wise, stay polished
Nigga, just walk with me
I can show you them ins and out
Show you what getting money's about
Mind your own, live long
Don't be out running your mouth, talk is cheap
Niggas'll run at your house
Just walk with me

[Verse 2: Big Scoob]
Walk with me as I journey through the five block
The division from the villain for my nigga Rock
Ain't much different in my gutter than them Watts gutters
The only difference in my gutter: I'm the motherf*cker
Take shots, call shots, I'm a big shot
Run the point, pass the rock, switch the last shot
Gutter soldier with a second chance to rock a mic
So I'm a give it to you raw how I live my life
Corner dweller, rock seller
I done seen it all
From a small pup all the way to big dog
Legendary in these Kansas City gritty streets
If I ain't eating there, a motherf*cker better eat
Bleed the weak, and keep some heat, and trust the liquor bottle
Only living for the moment, nigga, f*ck tomorrow
Without a conscience, I can get dirty
Back to talk
And I'm hoping that you heard me on this gutter walk

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