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Life's A Gamble Lyrics
[Verse - 1:]
I never sleep, I'm on my shit dawg
Like a toddler in a craddle with a pamper on
Niggas see me and I know they plots
I know the plots
They wanna see you closed when you're open shut
That's why I walk with the fifth when I'm on the block
Don't trip
'Cause If you do there's repercussions
That's when you look up your shoulder and the reaper's coming
God, God some more of your people coming
Just keep them gates open I'm a keep 'em coming
They say life's a gamble
And if you play I'm a rip your pocket in the shadows

Sometime I roll the streets go low but don't trip my nigga (Don't trip my nigga)
And I don't care if you Ese if you Blood or you Crip my nigga (It don't matter my nigga)
Don't ever think you ain't subject to get get your wig split my nigga (It can happen my nigga)
Don't trip my nigga (don't trip keep it cool my nigga) My nigga

[Verse 2:]
Just ridin' under the moonlight
Some illegal in the trunk, night moon shine
But never mind that I got sidetracked got it down to a science like Sci-Fi
I can see 'em commin' in my sight
Easy money, fools paradise
I roll with it like a fool with a pair of dice
Cold with it, Like a pack of ice
Lay you frozen on the ground
Like a snow angel, No fable
They say life's a gamble
I'd noodle your ass like a can of Campbell


[Verse 3:]
Some niggas shoot craps
Some niggas blackjack
But me, I'm in the kitchen with the flapjacks
Whip it, flip it again, stacks back
Whatever the fiends need, I has that
But see, what that comes to hassle
The boss try to throw it over your castle
Niggas you trained to be soldiers
Strategizing on how to take you to battle
And that's a f*cked up situation
Got you patiently waiting for the infiltration
So if you gamble with your life
It ain't for the money, do it for the right price.


Don't trip my nigga
It don't matter my nigga
Don't trip keep it cool my nigga
My nigga
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