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Jay Rock Lyrics

Kush Freestyle Lyrics
Bitch, I'm 'bout to homicide this shit
Hop out while your baby momma drivin' shit
Long hair passenger, 32 clip extended
Pretty and she with the business
Block to a massacre
Pray for my enemies
When I'm off this Hennessy
I don't want no problems
I just want more dollars
Hit the car lot, trick it off like a globe trotter
No one on the globe hotter
I'm volcano about to erupt, gettin' my dick sucked on them gold wires
I'm a product of the 90's, you bitch
9 double-oh-five-9, where you find me, you bitch
Same hood, same corner, same criming, you bitch
And it's grimy and shit
And I'm still on the liquor [?], nobody promised me shit
I'm a prime example if you're trying to get rich
On my grind everyday, and I get a A plus
If I use this AK, so what?
You got your little bit of rap songs
Rapper watch, rapper chain, from rapper loans
Wanna hop on a track? I'd rather rap alone
Rack a few more racks and keep my ratchet on
I don't trust no rats, I've been ratted on
So I keep my traps inside my palace homes
Who that nigga trying to walk in my shoes?
You ain't guaranteed to sure fit my boo'
Talk so Wu, swag on a thousand
Towel on my low caesar, walking through Shaolin
Bumpin' Raekwon, got them knuckleheads wildin'
I'm stylin', she smilin', I'm prowlin' for pussy
Please don't push me
I'm a hot headed nigga, might just behead a nigga
F*ck it, I'm ahead of niggas
Runnin' laps around hoes, peanut butter brown rolls [?]
Let a pretty brown roll [?], watch the haters brown nose
Yea, that's me
A nigga been through, now I'm about to O-D
I'm a rapping Q-B
Jumping off the porch with a chopper and a 4 loco
Going loco, bust your head and give ya promo
Ugh, that's the sound of the medics
After working the pound out like calisthenics
Smokin' on lettuce, drinking on white though
Chain like a light show, crazy, psycho, explosive, nitro
I'm the prince of this shit, oops that's a typo
I'm the King dumb bitch, kiss the ring pay homage
Kick doors, play Sonic, Doggystyle, Dre, Chronic
Albums that's f*cking timeless
Now it's time for Jay Rock, taking out the mascots
Aka wannabes, I'm the one they wanna be
One blood, all bleed, been a threat to the internet, Top Dawg E-n-t
This is our league
Motherf*cker, yea
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