Jay Rock - Juice Lyrics

Jay Rock Lyrics

Juice Lyrics
I'm in this bitch swanging
Acting bad with my crew
Hoes on my on dick
Little momma what it do?
Bottles to the head you should drink some too
Don't pay it no mind I'm full of that juice
I'm full of that juice
Little momma pop that pussy gon' watch you get loose
I'm full of that juice
Bottles to the head you should drink some too

[Verse 1:]
I got them bottles on deck
Go ahead and take your pick
Stunting on these haters
Now watch me take a shit
Dookie brown fit
Gucci on my Mrs
Where my bitches at
These niggas f*cking up my vision
If you sipping what I'm sipping
Then you feeling how I'm feeling
Trying to make her bed rock
Until I'm knocking down her ceiling
Pop another pill
Whatever you got to do
Because somebody going to be my victim
Once I swallow all this juice
Wilding with my crew
In VIP that's where I be
Bottles everywhere
Plus them sexy models service me
Hennessy and sprite mix it up
Watch me act a fool
Gotta crack a bitch
If I'm lucky going home with her too
Bitch I'm thugging
Plus the business outside on them buttons
Pushing GS Regals and Cutlass like it's nothing
Got a couple stacks
Buy the bar like it's nothing
Throw that glass in the air
Come on over and drink you something


[Verse 2:]
Now I'm full of that
What you call it?
Shout out to all my alcoholics
This is for them weed smokers
This that shit that keep you loaded
Yeah I'm swanging across the floor
Like I'm mopping
Bitches pussy popping
And my single got the party rocking
Now it's time to get it in
Ladies about to choose
Why you handcuffing brah?
Ain't nobody Buddha
Niggas acting like they be coppers
Because they know my game be proper
When I catch her by myself I'mma knock her
Sipping on all types of liquor
Taking all types of pictures
Ghetto superstars
Drinking stupid hard
If you tripping dog
We going to pull your car
Big drums
Hundred rounds and all
You don't want that
So grab your cup and toast
Got a lot of weed just bring your smoke
Getting wasted in the club like it's nothing
Throw you glass in the air
Come on over and drink you something

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