Jay Rock - Intro (Skit) Lyrics

Jay Rock Lyrics

Intro (Skit) Lyrics
[Intro: Shootout]
Wassup, nigga!
[*gunshots being fired*]
Aw man that's f*cked up!
I know that ain't my nigga!

This is Keisha Nicole with WTOP News reporting live from Watts, California
I'm here in Nickerson Gardens Housing Projects, there has been another shooting, possibly gang related
Excuse me sir, excuse me, what's your name?

[Jay Rock:]
Yea, Jay Rock

Newscaster - Can you tell me what happened here? Did you see anything?
Jay Rock - I ain't seen nothing, speaks for itself
Newscaster - It seems as if this happens all the time
Jay Rock - Shit this day to day shit we go through shit, it's the ghetto, shit all I can say is, welcome to Gutterville
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