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Get It Off My Chest Lyrics
Yeah, gotta get it off my chest like
Nigga just been thinking
Yeah, uh, uh, yeah, yeah, yeah

Gotta get it off my chest,
Gotta get it off my chest like
Yeah, when I say shit I just want people to feel me
You feel me?
Yeah, uh, yeah, look

Mayweather with them hands, Rambo with them gats
Slick with my talk put your ass on your back
Fake ass niggas fake ass bitches I don't trust them
Keep God first, do for my family on my hustle
Niggas talk down when they see you on the come up
Bitches steady calling for the pipe like I'm a plumber
Haters, they don't wanna see me shine for the summer
So I stay upon my grind like 24 hours
No sleep, flow is funky no shower
I'm deep in the hood like a transmission
Can't f*ck with my ambition
Listen, you don't comprehend it my nigga so sit your ass down
Pay attention my niggas
These bitches on the prowl for them dollars
You gotta understand, pussy is power, seen a nigga get smoke for a bitch that wasn't even his so when I f*ck me a hoe
Just know the pistol near
I take a look at my life I see it crystal clear
People say I'm the truth so I just keep it real
Like I'm suppose to, sitting in a coaster
My nigga rolling smokes up five gettin' high
All the time like we suppose to
Hate to watch the news
It's depressing
'Cause niggas always dying every second
I wake up every morning thank the Lord for my blessings
I lost a lot of friends, friends become enemies,
Enemies become friends, guess that's how the game go
When you at the top you spot that's where they aim for
My pride I'll never let go 'cause if I bow down they chow down, I lose they win
Who gonna smile now, I play my part go hard in everything I does
... terrible situations, slippin' I fall, that's what them haters...
I'm just tryin to blow, I'm patiently waiting
Like I'm on a boat fishing for trout
I don't live with regrets, I ain't feeling no doubts
Now these fake ass niggas turning out their snots
Till we hop out that truck like what's y'all bout
I don't do it for the fame, I don't do it for the change
I do it from the heart, for the love of this game
Know how to get paid, with or without the rap
All I need is my partner...
J-A-Y, Rock at the end of that
Watch be my City Jack
Go ahead and Twitter that
Paper on your head, now call that a Facebook
Yeah I keep goons they only shoot from the waist up
Invest in a strap, go ahead put them weights up
Nigga don't boxe, they hold glocks when they wake up
That's the way it is, survival is a must
Don't put no faith in no man
Only in God I trust
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