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Fly On The Wall Lyrics
Fly away, sometimes I wish I could fly away
Fly away, sometimes I wish I could fly away

[Verse 1 - Jay Rock:]
There was a young ghetto child going wild after running 'round
Who came from a happy home, then got lost in the jungle
Hit a lick for like ten chicks
Brought it back to the bricks then got everybody rich
Started his own clique, recruited all piranhas
His favorite phrase: that's on hundreds
His niggas trained to go
Wherever he point, you got shitted on
Or smoked like a joint
Here comes the line-up, first 48 people remain silent
All his goons still remain violent
Damn, there goes another body, oh shit, sirens
Another bite the dust like Mickey Thompson tires
Lights flashing, niggas stunt like the grammys
No one's exempt, they'll sell a rock to your granny
Now this is the part where jealousy comes out to play
Hood politics official when they want you out of the way
Now back then we ain't never mention this word
'Cause if you caught snitching consequences fo sho
Niggas'll throw you out on the freeway with a shell in your dome
And no feelings is shown
Then look inside the eyes of these killers
A blank stare, that's different than stones
Got you wondering, where in life, where they went wrong?
Don't wanna cross these types, if you do think twice
It's life saving, don't get caught slipping when you ice skating

[Hook - Jay Rock:]
When you stand still you could witness it all
Picture the vision from the fly on the wall
When you stand still you could witness it all
Picture the vision from the fly on the wall

[Verse 2 - Jay Rock:]
Now when the sun rise, this young man sees money's a big deal
New Chevelle, wipe in the morning dew cross his windshield
Killer's saturation while the smokers run through sanitation
For the bags of hands, this young man, calculating for the long run
Since ya homies been on one lately
No one's safe, he keeping his chrome off safety
Headed to the function, momma's gone, they children out cussin'
See this young man hit this bitch for all them niggas she f*ckin'
Knowin' one man's been intimate touchin'
Til the big homie found out, gave his ass a concussion
He don't want nothin' now, he walkin' on crutches now
Couldn't see him from the shoulders
He thinkin' how can he buck him down
Hold up, the eyes is watchin'
Gotta be more smart now, devise this option
Watch how the plot thickens
The clock tickin', his weak spot is a thot
Just notice he can't stop trickin', got him
Now this how it starts
He take a bat when he know to go play with his heart
Had his nose wide open while gettin' head at the park
She set the GPS location like this where we park
Now you know what's next
It's crazy how life can end all through a text
Got us wishin' we was all born with a vest
I know you prolly witnessed it all
But picture the vision from the fly on the walll

[Hook - Jay Rock:]
When you stand still you could witness it all
Picture the vision from the fly on the wall
When you stand still you could witness it all
Picture the vision from the fly on the wall

[Verse 3 - Busta Rhymes:]
Jay Rock what up though? I'm here with you
Let's give 'em a classic, you know I'm here and prepared with you
Keep niggas inspired, you know I'm comin' to share it with you
And when the wheels fall off I'll get out and put on a spare with you
Let me be real with you, mhmm
It's been selected, let me give you my fly on the wall perspective
Sometimes niggas don't listen, I'm hopin' this serves its purpose
Cause that's some of the realest shit that you talked about in them verses
Hopin' they feel this shit despite how the devils is workin'
To avoid tellin' on myself, I try to speak in third person
See we done been through some shit, throughout my lifeline
We was flies on the wall too from the shit we seen in our lifetime
And through these songs there were digressions
Some stories we shared through music
Question if we in our right mind
Now I'm a new f*ckin' fly on the wall
I wanna see how many rappers really write rhymes
And we've been rockin' for a long time, Jay Rock
They ain't got a clue of the timing
I heard about you from Slay when you started shinin'
They ain't knowin' this our fourth collab from 2009 and
Slay heard about you from my nigga Wack
But they ain't know when Top Dawg introduced you, nigga
The way we out, we always give you crack
Not knowin' that we had the raw just to split you, niggas
To tell the truth there's no problem we can't solve
So let me tell the truth, again I'm so proud of how you evolved
And while me and Jay Rock kill these niggas 'til they dissolve
I hope you appreciate my view as the biggest fly on the wall
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