Jay Rock - Code Red Lyrics

Jay Rock Lyrics

Code Red Lyrics
[Verse 1: Jay Rock]
(What's up, Jay Rock?) Shit, just the same old same old
Same fiends in the hood, chasing the best dope
Project hustling, chasing them pesos
It's a struggle everyday, man, you know how this shit goes
But my demeanor'll never switch, cherry red beamer
Gangbanged the f*ck out, red rag around the nina
No doubt, I'm living it
Been claiming the set since the year found Snoop innocent
Slanging hard rock when the rap game was ran by Timberlands
Deport ya asses back, where's my strap?
Lemme put a hole in 'em, and what's concealed in the black denim
Will rock 'em to sleep like I babysit 'em
I seen it all - loyalty, betrayal, envy
My close homie died in my arms
12 hundred project units under the sun
Ain't about where you at, it's about where you're from

[Hook: Kendrick Lamar]
Welcome to Watts, California
Where we ain't scared to run up on ya
You ain't prepared when it go down
You already dead right about now
Welcome to Watts, California
Where we ain't scared to run up on ya
If you're prepared when it go down
Then you know it's Jay Rock turn now

[Verse 2: Jay Rock]
The homie told me, "Put your feelings aside"
But since I got signed I been feeling the Vibes
Niggas play the background and screw they face all day
Wanna walk in my shoes, wanna take my place
So at any given time they might take my life
So I take the .38 when I ride at night
Broad day, no exempt, niggas kill you when the sun is out
Make sure your gun is out or stay inside your mama house
It's that real, you don't feel me yet?
Fine, niggas, drop the beat and just let me vent
No mask on, f*ck around and kill your whole squad
Be the last person you see before you meet god
Keep the rifle on top of the tripod
Aim art, if you live your body might need parts
Jay Rock, putting it down for Top Dawg
From the bottom to the top, we shooting straight for the stars

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