Jay Rock - BET Cypher 2011 Part 2 Lyrics

Jay Rock Lyrics

BET Cypher 2011 Part 2 Lyrics
[Chris Sutton:]
Listen, I can make the Devil say Jesus
Got a crew full of leaders
So far ahead of y'all the sun sets between us
That could make you upset, you live beneath the sunset
Boy, I'm so fire, I could prob'ly make the sun sweat
Preme won't hit me back [?] I'm still runnin'
Drop me in the jungle watch me come out with a full stomach
Beats on the menu, sit me at the dinner table
Eat so many rappers I could shit out a record label
[?] ain't really the place to slang on
They gon' let the bullets tackle you like you got pads on
Rap circles 'round you niggas so fast I could start a sandstorm
Fall out the sky, and a star is what I land on
Ironically I'm cold as ever, hotter then a solar flare
If y'all cool... I guess that makes me a polar bear
You don't want [?] trust me no [?] for trying
Homie I was [?] kitty litter [?]
Everybodys swagged out, but you look like a bum, dummy
Yo my swag can take yo swag's lunch money

It's been a long day, I went home an drank some bombay
Got my old girl tryna make-up, like stronjay
I'm just tryna get to a mil, I'm chasin' Andres
Stravin' artist, I'm rubbin' my belly like Beyonce
Crew move ways, press O's no latte (?)
And made three thousands like the [?] of Andre
"You ain't like them other dudes", that's what my mom say
I was the crazy one in that group, Davonte
Do it the Don way [?], gettin chips like Presconte [?]
Rippin it down the parkway listenin the the [?]
I don't spit it I just kick it like conmatae [?]
Now they tryna put me in rings like a fiance
Sqaure or circle, don't call me Urkel
The Kid With the Green Backpack will leave you purple
So let's keep it verbal
Cause maybe not me but my entourage do keep shells, no turtle
Wichita, Kansas, yep that what he rep
On your B-E-T T-V sets, they need X
Cause I'm like a T-rex
Yo girl like a t-shirt
Cause everytime I step out she tryna give V-neck

[Jay Rock:]
I'm a rock in a hard place
Surrounded by smiles and they all fake
Show be the best, watch me still outshine [?]
Like the po-po did P Diddy in 99
You don't feel me, you fear me, that's the bottom line
I'm out my mind
I set up shop at the Promanade
Whoa, it's been a long time coming
I Guess I got the stamina for this rap and yo woman
My life is like chess the watchin my every move
Class in session, Jay take 'em to school
Spittin on tracks, nah [?] I [?]
Like a short yellow bus, big helmets and twos
I'm an animal, and this rap game is a zoo
Thought they were 'lympians, until they came to Zeus
Guess it's in my genes, 'member [?]
Straight dope talkin right on [?]

[Gilbere Forte:]
I'm usually on some first name basis
But dudes mess my name up so much I wanna change it
A wise man told me to live what my mama gave me
A chance to see life outside of a lady
Yeah, we was born Kings, before I ever wrote it
History never written, If I ain't ever quote it
Your blog ain't ish, if I ain't ever post it
87 dreams on your baby girl tell em post it
I let a chick blow me down til she brain dead
Just to give her a lil taste of what fame is
Fly city to Illadel I'm famous
Gilbere Forte tatted on the anus
Brought a chick on my right out stay whipping a Supra
Never watch the level [?]
You tryna touch the sky, I been sexin the clouds
You could die and go to heaven to see me once in a while
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