Jayo Felony - Penitentiary Bound Lyrics

Jayo Felony Lyrics

Penitentiary Bound Lyrics
Welcome back to the East Side
T-Funk and the Chemist
Jayo Felony

And the ultimate shit right now
is for me to do a show for my niggas in the pen
bring shit together
cause this is where we'll all be
Peep game

[VERSE 1: Jayo Felony]
I rolls off with your shit, people you can get a glance
Shackles on my feet won't let the Loco dance
Eatin em spreads and liftin got me on swoll
Had my shit creased, I'm comin home, I got parole
When the Loco phone ring it's my homie Big Mike Low
( ? ) and big dick dada wanna stroke
And get my balls licked, dick sucked and f*ck till I'm yawnin
But I gotta go report in the mornin
F*ck it, 8:30 am piss in his cup, f*ck a piss test
Mr. Bullet Loco, you're under arrest (for what?)
You popped ( ? ) test and do you understand?
They put the chains on my ass and put me in the f*ckin van
I'm goin straight to Donovan, no county jail
F*ckin parole violation, so I can't make bail
The iron bars close, goddamn I hate the sound
But you don't give a f*ck when you're penitentiary bound

Sit down nigga, it's time to count
The way they got shit now
Everybody's penitentiary bound

[VERSE 2: Jayo Felony]
( ? ) come, come, nigga, give me room
I put acid on my tongue and go the f*ck back to Neptune
Who wanna beef with the East Side Rollin
Hey, get your jaw swollen
This is for every nigga that ever f*cked with a high speed chase
Crashed into a pole, now take that glass out your face
They comin to get me yo, I don't give a f*ck no mo
I'm ( ? ) got the .44, Bullet Loc will dodge the po-po
On the 619 we got no time, for the bullshit you get jacked
Every hood talk that set-up when you hit the railroad track
Matter of fact, don't let them cook you like no f*ckin hog, chief
All I see is billy clubs, boots and dog teeth
F*ck your mama as I bled on the ground
I'm hand-cuffed to the bed and I know I'm penitentiary bound

Sit down nigga, it's time to count
The way they got shit now
Everybody's penitentiary bound

[VERSE 3: Jayo Felony]
I'm crushin these niggas and bitches
Cause see, nobody I ever trusted
I hope Joe Sinister don't get his ass busted
Come again coward, wash them draws for my men
You don't know how to deal with the Babylon and Rin Tin Tin
Hard ( ? ) hard, I come hard
Like Oprah in _Color Purple_ I know there is a God
I slaughter, you oughta run for the border
I cripple a stick, choke a brick and tryin to drop a water
Supporter of this mackin and this gangsta shit
Much love to Kurupt and the Dogg Pound click
From D.C. to NYC trust I smoke dust
I roll with Rush, niggas can say what they must
They all want to know how I feel about _The Show_
I'm rockin in Utah ( ? ) and drink Pruno
P-p-pa-pow, penitentiary bound
( ? ) the muthaf*ckin ( ? ) bitin my sound
Will I ever play out? Nigga, you know - never would
At the end of the world it's gon be dippin through the neighborhood

To be continued

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