Jayo Felony - Nitty Gritty Lyrics

Jayo Felony Lyrics

Nitty Gritty Lyrics
Aaaaaaaw Yeah, Y'all know what's up with this right here. No playa
haters allowed so everybody's not invited. So y'all got to keep y'all
distance. Mind your own, you'll live long. Yeah. Check me out.

[1st Verse:]
These jealous mental cowards got they eyes closed
They didn't see me creeping up from behind they want to be me
But I ain't trippin, sippin on something 90 proof
From the floor to the roof, I spit this game to youth
By any means, dreams of being a lot more than poor
If you ain't helping your family, then what you living for?
You'd rather talk about the next man, like a busta
Fool, don't make me reach out and touch ya
Then never sleep again, just comprehend, don't playa hate
And real ballers keep their pagers on vibrate
Never try to floss and show off your stacking
On the low, that's if you wanna stay away from the popos
Known to attract heat like DeNiro, scandalous federalies
Got their eyes on the whole state of Cali
You wanna be a playa in this game but you gonna watch me win it
Trying to escape reality...in four minutes

Four minutes of funk-Get off your rump-move your bottom off the tree
stump-ladies looking pretty, from city to city-and now I'm getting down
to the nitty gritty.
From the bottom to the top, top to the bottom, come on Bullet Loc and
get funky while we got 'em.

[2nd verse:]
Gas or cash, ain't no free ride,
Felony got love coming from both sides
About to blow it up and that's on me, Ready to bring it on
Man y'all gon' see, I tell my homie to give me a refill
'Cause I don't give a damn, they got me standing on porkchop hill
With the most of my mind gone, just because a youngsta wanna get his
grind on - Fool kill that!
I'm trying to feed my household, what should I do?
To survive, I got to work for you?
Increase the minumum wage, but you will never make me happy
Huh,but a real nigga keep it nappy, Yeah so I connect
With E-A-Ski for bomb songs, when they hear the record they wanna sing
along, my business straight now the industries about to be dealed
Soon as I hit the world up with four minutes.


[3rd verse]
And if you ever say you can see me, it don't compute
It's like walking through hell with a gasoline package suit
I'm unfadable with this and about to show ya, time's up,
I'm about to overthrow ya, it was nice to know ya
I'm comin' with it to move 'em all, Never be no coward
Keep hitting your enemy unil they fall y'all
And to my females that's never faking and paper chasing
Time is just too valuable to be wasting
On the independent stroke or with a ?
I'm down with ya, let's put our heads together and now we get richer
We got to get it while it's good to get
Let's put it down, hit em up by suprise and then we leave town
Don't you like the sound of that? Him skinny and me fat
Count it up and split it 50/50 back at the flat
To the end we represent-we in it to win it
Trying to escape reality in four minutes


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