Jayo Felony - End of the World Lyrics

Jayo Felony Lyrics

End of the World Lyrics
Uh huh
Get low baby!
Come on!

[Verse 1]
It's the end of the world now, yeah! Don't start runnin
But could you possibly run when you know that God's comin?
But we got a lot of hard heads that don't seem concerned, what?
So eternally, you burn
An eternity's a long long time, so I wrote a strong rhyme
For these Mc's that only talk about chrome nines
Pay attention to each line, I'm about to reach mine
Be careful cuz they might heat you for just one dime
Blaze up and won't think twice about ya, we dyin quicker
He's dead so what the hell could he do with some liquor?
No value for human life
Can't understand how a woman could leave a baby in the trash can
Damn, helpless and starvin, but that's how life goes
Can't aford him? Then keep your legs closed
Thinkin God won't punish you for what you put that child through
Havin babies like it's the thing to do
What is this world coming to?

[Chorus x2]
Don't lie, it's the end of the world baby
Can't lie, it's the end of the world baby
Don't lie, it's the end of the world baby
We all know it's the end of the world, baby
What is this world coming to?!

[Verse 2]
The end, and um there ain't no stoppin it
I keep em legit, while others come counterfeit
You can't stand being bankrupt, now ya overdosed
Used to be colors, now they beggin over coats
How you gon come with that nonsense like it's all good?
Tryin to dis a whole coast, can't even go to your own hood
I should get ya, but I'm a chill and let the rhyme hit ya
Keep my name out your mouth, or watch me get wit ya
Some of y'all gots to like hoes, you need to be on stroll
Need to get up, get out, and get a bankroll
Keep em movin like Tony soul, cuz the game's for sale
You could offer me a million, but I'll never tell
All the money in world could'nt make me sell out a homey
What is a million dollars worth when you're lonely?
You spill the beans me and his dirt (..?..)
So now I gotta ask myself
What is this world coming to?

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3]
Couldn't live without a check, please tell me
Four on the floor, one in the belly
You're kinda smelly
Why can't this girl keep her self up, her health up?
When the county stop payin, you gon be stuck like chuck
With five mouths to feed, and you steadily smokin weed
And buying expensive clothes that you don't even need
Still tryin to club it, you can't do that no more
So stretched out, the stretch marks can't even stretch no more
Five different daddies, damn, ain't none of them around
They need to take you off the streets like the (?)
A bad example, how could you bring a kid to this world?
How could you call yourself a woman when you still a girl?
Wonder why they talk bad about ya, it ain't no respect
Cuz see you don't respect yourself, you need to get in check
Got evicted out your pad
So now the only thing to do is sell yourself until you pass out
What is this world coming too?

[Chorus x2]

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