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Do You Love Life Lyrics
Thugs, Hell yeah ... Love Life!
Find something to live for homie
Understand me? Check it out

When your paper keep backin up do you love life?
When you hit some of that there bomb bomb do you love life?
When you're kickin it wit yo girlfriend do you love life?
When you're kickin it wit yo boyfriend do you love life? x2

[Verse One]
The birds, the trees, four oceans and seven seas
See I'm wit my girl and I'ma love this world, homie I ain't tryna leave
And at night I love when ya come to me in your bra and your panties
Your soft lips taste like candy, ahhh!
Cuz when I'm kickin it wit my girlfriend I just love life
Carry away from trouble now my mind is just as sharp as a knife
I'm tryna live so I ask the Lord keep me away from the wicked
Goin back when we met for the very first time like baby can we kick it?
See we became as one and I always respected you
Through the good and the bad times I was right there, I protected you
Dis our world, just me and you and I never tripped off rome
What I need wit all these ol' hamburgers when I got the steak at home

[Chorus x2]

[Verse Two]
Taught me to pray for my enemies, new beginners, my battles I'm winnin em
I'm simply beefin, if they ever try to start fights I'm endin em
It's all for show when I speak it's from the heart and thats on me
Hit em on time and tell him that I'm here for L-I-F-E
Do you love life when you wit yo better half of ya life?
Which'll be which or rich when you're just gettin by?
Do you get dubs in them guts and give em somethin he can feel?
Or do you come fast and ask for a hot meal?
See I put it down and if he disrespects ya, get racked up
What?! Act up get smacked up you're boo gon only get jacked up
Let the chips stack up while we plottin they moves
She down wit me, win or lose, Chuck Taylors and County Blues
But everybody else they went and turned their backs too quick
Heard it was all over until I hit em up wit new shit
But I know the real and the real is this, can't count times you was there for me
I know what's crackin no questions see I know you gosta care for me

[Chorus x2]

[Verse Three]
Do you want more outta life? Always said it's not what whatcha got
Some say they'll never be satisfied til they rot
You better learn how to love life, what makes you feel good inside?
If it's on with you and yours than you can't let that slide
Take advantage, we did enough damage now lets bond
Keep them evil spirits away now lets move on, and you wrote that in song
But you already know where my heart at
Impressed by your intelligence but that ass was fat
Want me to jack it up like a 6-4 and flip it up like a Flab Jack
When I give it up give it what you could tell me to take somethin back
How you like that? Am I too rough or do you like when I'm rough with stuff?
It's your choice when I give it up, fast or slow can't get enough
In due time you'll get used to all I got to give
But do I want to enjoy this crazy life that I live?
You gotta be ready, layin here wit me all sweaty
Damn you musta put somethin in my spagetti, beotch

[Chorus x4]

Yeah! I love it Come along ahh
Trade mark

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