Jayo Felony - Came Around Lyrics

Jayo Felony Lyrics

Came Around Lyrics
(feat. Dulow Gang)

Ever since we came 'round and able
A lot of shit done came down
A lot of shit done changed now
A lot of niggas came 'round
A lot of niggas hang now
A lot of niggas bang now, start to get the fame now

[VERSE 1: Scar]
I just want the change now, but how they 'posed to change now
Been sockin' 'em up on my block and shit for 'bout a decade and some change now
So it ain't so strange now, they poppin' at my Range now
I done blew some brains out, nigga check my strangs out
Meadowbrooke, Moonlight, Market where we hang out
Banged out for the daytime, but the night made bullets rang out
My Market niggas banged out, Bay Loc...Jayo
My Crip and Blood homies got love from every f*ckin' gang now

[Bay Loc]
My niggas go the same route, we've been peeped this game out
Hoodsta's rich roll, I'm 47 banged out
The joke and shit we ain't about, the loc is Crip and came out
Crip talkin' and walkin' til my blue strings came out
Bitches scream my name out, the hood turned this game out
Niggas peep my strangs out so I pulls my thang out
Nigga let me do my thang now, tell these fools the name now
Notorious Dulow motherf*ckin' Gang clown


[VERSE 2: Jayo Felony]
Ever since these fag niggas came around
The game been f*cked and watered down
L-O-C-O comin' at you clown, y'all motherf*ckers gon' get slaughtered now
You're platinum do I feel you now, hell no cuz nigga 'bout to kill you now
Y'all niggas ain't never gonna be shit
But a house on the west coast is still the sound
F*ck that, nigga get back, feel my rounds, hit bitch, hit licks, hit, kick
the ground
When this anybody killer nigga hit the ground
You motherf*ckers know how my Smith-n sound
Get chips, get flipped, nigga this is Crip
Anybody test that gets pistol whipped
That's me and I'm still going out on a stretcher like
Get chips, get rich with this, think we could rap and make a hit with this
Nigga so jealous he the one who slit his wrists
Cuz y'all faggots ain't doing shit with this
C Bullet Loc will get even bitch and it might even be this evening bitch
And bullshit we don't believe it bitch, when shit get thick y'all need to quit
Get out the game you got the same sound, still gettin' beats from the same clown
Don't look now niggas puttin' it down
You was shakin' in your boots since we came around
Nigga let me do my thang now, tell these fools the name now
Notorious Dulow motherf*ckin' Gang clown


Now think about it logically and see how it's sounding odd to me
This nigga's a f*ckin' fool and I'm hearin' he's talking about boxing me
Nigga talking about boxing me, better be talking about poppin' me
Choppin' me, Glockin' me, finally f*ckin' stoppin' me
That's some shit I got to see, Dulow Gang was prophecy
Meant to be so it got to be, niggas hard, well not to me
Hurtin' how I rock a beat, click click and pop my heat
Droppin' G's, coppin' ki's, 2001 still poppin' p's

[Bay Loc]
Nigga ain't no stoppin' me so listen to my prophecy
Did time with Poppa C in the penitentiary
Bang when they mention me, spit so vividly
Numb niggas feelin' me, none niggas killin' me
We going on a killing spree, nigga check your history
Hoodsta's ain't no mystery, never ball your fists at me
Bring some green and twist with me, niggas slit their wrists for me
His bitch blew a kiss at me, now his ass is history


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