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Ja Rule Lyrics

The Reign Lyrics
ja rule)
Yeah(yeah)I feel the reign coming down on me,shh,
When the sun gonna shine,My lord
Somebody help my soul
I think the reign is calling murder
I think the reign is calling murderrr
I think the reign is calling murder
i think the reign is calling murderrr
verse1-(Ja rule)
Dear lord can you hear my pain
if you cant its alright,cuz im a live my life
anyway just let it rain on me,i feel so free
like a cool breeze,Oh when the sun gon shine,
pull up the mini blinds,load up the lucky nine
hit em up from behind,thats my life,
and it dont ever be the same,never again
and the game is the plain,dont get caught up in
your range rover,pullin over,on the westside highway shoulder,
nicca ill blow ya,like the windsheild,leave your mind on the windsheild,
and have your wit the win windmills,thats what rain feels,like
when its hittin a little harder than drizzlin,pistols flying now pistols got
crying they christains in,i cant believe shit has come to this,its un heard
now its gonna rain down murder
Chours x1
verse2-(ja rule)
god only greives wit the best of em,buries the rest of em
the storm is comig,I got a 100 mile running,head start on these niccas,
cuz its murder fo life,drugs,pictures,and money,be my homie rice,
but im living life in the fastlane,doing the damn thang,in the ferrari, hard
watching hard reign,its a damn shame,no more games,no more love,baby boy i
throw back slugs,through your creme bay throw back,i hits that up,and let you
where the rain is from,you ever heard of mixing whiski wit jamican rum,you
get busy,
mix jin wit a little cocain,you got me,and my style is a little to savage to
not be,
we look to god as one of the illist to mcs,yall niccas wanted wit me,thats
shits un heard ofcuz niccas now its gonna reign down murder
Chrous x1
verse3-(ja rule)
nobody loves me,sometimes i wish the good lord would come down and hug me,
i took a look at my life its gettin ugly,and now i know that you all wanna
slug me,
i can get above it,its my life and i thugged it,even though im livin close to
the edge,
im getting close to the dead,with every little step,That i take,and any wake
of my last days,i hope the sun shines,wit a light rain,that would mean the
world shared my pain,
and now the world would be happy again,smile,cuz if i ever walked the green
you'd be looking in your fame and on my lifestyle,what can i say i was raised
as an
only child,lonely,papa disowned me,so the streets raised me,you can call me
not unheard of now its gonna rain down murder
chrous x 2
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