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Rules Of Engagement Lyrics
It's the rules of engagement nigga,
What ya'll know about that shit?

Niggas I been in this game for years,
Makin' me the animal that I is.
There's rules to this shit.
Remember these crack commandments,
That is what I call The Rules of Engagement.
You should master this,
Take notes you bastards;

Rule 1;
Never outshine the master,
If you oppose a threat he gon' kill you faster.

Rule 2;
Conceal your intentions always,
Nowadays niggas either snitchin and catch phrase.

Rule 3;
Always say less than necessary,
Them niggas that talk too much often get buried.

Rule 4;
I know you heard this before,
Push your enemy totally, Hail Mary's and rosaries.

Rule 5;
Pose as a friend, work as a spy,
Take 'em to get high, Then put it between his eyes.

Rule 6;
Stir up water to catch fish,
This here is my favourite, ain't no need in explainin' it.

Rule 7;
Keep others suspended in terror,
Be unpredictable, in other words gain the advantage.

Rule 8;
Play a sucka to catch a sucka,
Seem dubmer than your mark muther-f*cker so you can touch him.

Rule 9;
Know who you dealin' with,
Don't offend no wrong niggas, get your family killed.

And Rule 10 shoulda been number 1 to me,
Play all the way to the end without gettin' your hands dirty.

It's the rules... of Engagement niggas
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