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Ja Rule Lyrics

Judas Lyrics
[Intro: Ja Rule - Talknin]
Yeah I'm a tell ya'll a little
Story, It's a classic tell of Love, Hate, Jealuosy, Betrayal

Judas, forgive them father for, they know, that was, they do, (let's talk to em) (haha)

[Verse 1:]
Dear Judas what's the deal homie? how you feeling theese days n***a, I'm little lonely
No D, no Y, no E, no Kiss, no Styles, no Ruff, no Rydas, doubble lost findes
We grown men n***a, I tried to put it behind us, but n***as always restate weakness and kindness, so it gets to violence, then it's to late to silence, the wars from Harlem, the gunshots, the sirens then I'm a set it up with n***a, but n***as got problems, instead of resolve em, rather resolve em regardless, to be honest betrayal is a blessing like the promise is broken I se through lies more than all, and look in the mirror, can you lie to your own portrait, if so then look a little closer, and tell me who you see, and if you proud of what you saw, cause who you are is Judas

After all that we've been through (I never thought it be you)
Just the one I thought I know (Guess I didn't know Judas)
Tell the lies that iv'e thought truth (Should have know they wasn't true)
Who would ever think that you (Turn out to be a Judas)

[Verse 2:]
Dear Judas or should I say U die? I wanna say I miss you, but that might be a lie, and I can lie to myself to much self pride, I can lie to anyone else sometimes even God, now you claim heartbreak and emotion with scares, but I say you was getting while as good till it's gone, but you of all people should know my lights don't turn of, and this is my sick come, you just went spinn of, and I don't mean to be harsh, but sister you're lost, one like Jay and [? ] Faye and Biggie, It really hurt when you said you can't throw in it [? ] baby cause it's hurting your image, really, have you looked at yourself lately, if not then look a little clearly, and tell me what you see and if you proud of what you saw, cause who you are is Judas


[Verse 3:]
Dear Judas this ones for who remembered the true fits, cause n***as were hate like airforce's talk shit, of course they do it's the price of fame, if part of this is getting paid then so is being betrayed, but how it will plays out is how is being betrayed and I don't believe half of anything anybody say, you liar you, you lie to me he and lies the truth, RULE, you in the way? MOVE, and I'm talking to you, you, you and you, if you know who you are then come holla at the God, Judas is Jesus, Ceaser, and rudeness is while we must forgive, damn father, for them know not what they do, I keep my hand on my gun on my vib-u [? ] and pray for ya, cause you'll never be the same since I saw you as Judas

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