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Exodus (Outro) Lyrics
[Intro - (Talking)]

"My nigga Buck 3000 over here, you know, my nigga Gotti, the Princess, Momma, what's up baby? haha, Brooklyn son, what up what up? My nigga Lloyd, my
nigga Caddy, my nigga C. Gotti, my nigga Young Merc, my nigga Blackchild (EXODUS), my nigga Cool Joe, this is a new beginning, you know, i see everybody
in the building, my nigga L, my nigga Gab, my whole Murder Inc. mob, yo, you know how we do, yo, yo all my niggas"

[Verse 1]
"THIS HERE IS EXODUS!! say goodnight to the legend,
Cause lord knows the world gon' miss him,
Universal the system is similar to institutionalism,
And i just did 7 years in prison.
Now I'm a free parolee and time spent, its money they owe me -
Give me my space don't crowd me homie
I'm a motherf*ckin' huuuusstlerrr.
Pushin' rhymes like weight, but sometimes its slow,
It's up and down like the Dow Jones, shit fluctuates -
But my real niggaz still keep their stock in me,
Feds investigate, the monopoly,
Preme team, Murder f*ckin' I-N-C, there's no stopping we from"

[Interlude (talking):]

"You know what i think, i think the world doesn't have a clue, on what its like to be a, a superstar in the spotlight, and and, everybody is lookin' at
you and everybody's, you know, scrutinizing you and they got their lil opinions and shit. I came in this game, you know and got in this music business to
do what i do, to make music for the people to enjoy, for the world to love, you know, and and somehow i became a motherf*ckin' criminal hahahahaha"

[Verse 2]
"Yo, damn i remember when it was on UPN News
And i refused to start losin'; and hopped in my WHOOO
Got a recruit from this (nice?) and peeled back the WHOOO
Niggas listen in i'll tell you how it all began [gun shots]
That's how it sounded when I-N-C came into the game
On 10th of murder then - them, them,
Well we, we, we, cause these boys is hot
These boys got glocks, these boys send shots do you know what its like, to live your life hard knock?
I think not thats why you live it safe through mine
I think plot then kill, you think suein' them blind
You think lifes a bitch? i think the bitch is mine!
We'll never see eye to eye, ya'll corporate, we gangsters
And niggas tryin' my patience is gettin' me anxious,
To speak for my defendants, that say that they plaintive
Guess we guilty by song, but yo the government must be on"

[Outro (talking)]

"I mean to think that we would jeopardize everything that we built, to motherf*ckin', sell drugs and launder money? i mean are you f*ckin' serious!? You
understand, I-I mean, we-wer're a company you understand, a-a-a record company, that wants to show love to every nigga that cant get love, that cant
recieve love, from, from motherf*ckin', the corporate world, that cant go get a job, cause they been in jail, they did a 3 to 9, a motherf*ckin', a bit or
whatever the case may be they did for their time. We give these motherf*ckers the opportunity, we give them jobs, cause ya'll ain't gonna give 'em the
jobs, so we give it to 'em. And motherf*ckers wanna look at us and down us for what we do for that! They wanna call us motherf*ckin criminals and crime
family for that! Well if they wanna call us criminals and crime families, then so be it motherf*cker! Cause these is my niggas. and if nobody's gonna
stand up for my motherf*ckin' niggas, then we gon' do it ourselves, we gon' police ourselves, thats how we been getting down nigga, holla back at me,
Rule. EXODUS!!!
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