Jane Blaze - Slow Down Lyrics

Jane Blaze Lyrics

Slow Down Lyrics
(feat. Sauce Money)

[Jane Blaze]
Yo if I let you tell it, your rhyme style safe enough to sell it
But your weak flows, make me the bomb relic
Rap with Magnums like Tom Selleck
Spray a pumpkin, they don't call me Jane Blaze for nuthin
Now save your bluffin for one of them model chicks
Droppin our modest hit, to prove I'm the hottest bitch
Go all-out like an Islamic clique, I'm on
some Jeffrey Dahmer uncut drama, like when a llama spit
Release hammers to protect my trophies and banners
To be as nice as me, need a whole lot of manners
Unadulterated grammar, femenine stash
In layman terms, mean I'm swimmin in cash
Baby got back, means I'm winnin in ass
Got cameras with no bulbs, lookin to flash
So when I breeze through with more metal than R2-D2
and see you on the low like the D's do, say cheese boo

[Chorus x2: Sauce Money]

Get dough now, all about stacks of cake
and flow now, if it's hot like Jane, let it go now
Still movin with speed, when you Slow Down
nuttin left to do but blow now

[Jane Blaze]
Yo I got somethin that'll split your coconut
I know what you hopin but, Jane remains raw like an open cut
I ain't no New York floozie
Let every baller walk through me, suck a dick just to talk Gucci
Could care less about his 600
I focus on tricks who fronted, that track shoes, bitch run it
My words slaughter, rap's preferred daughter
Go on a spurt like the Bulls in the third quarter
Got niggaz masturbatin every day though
Hopin I'll move my tongue around they head in a circle like a halo
Now get closer, cause in a minute baby it's over
I come off at the clothes like strip poker (strip poker)
You just let a chick smoke ya (chick smoke ya) what's my name?
Blid-aze (Blid-aze), point blank range, I'll make ya brains Swayze
(Your brains Swayze) Yo weak poets, wanna test me or what?
Shit on they click so sick and still be sexy as f*ck


[Jane Blaze]
I keeps it real cuz, you know Jane name is still buzz
Suga what? I disinfect tracks and kill cuts
I'm live type, lot of cats front like
they like to prizefight, I settled the beef with five mics
Play your hand right, I'm trump tight, slip up
get lumped up, see me when the guild points the bums up
CD come with a Phillie in it (word?) witty fillie
and silly widdit while you sound like Milli Vanilli did it
Pity you pitted your weak flows against mines
Since mines sound fifty times better, ten times
Visualize my speech, get a glimpse of the rhyme
Drop a hit with a shine, y'all know it's time
Rap's my duty, platinum acts better know I could
CLAP a cutie, or just kill him with natural beauty (beauty)
Who you trustin? The one who gets strong burns
from dustin MC's, or the one who gets strong burns from pussin

[Chorus x2]

[Jane Blaze]
Blow now..
Slow down.. prestige
Sauce Money here, my nucka
Jane Bond, what?
My click
Double oh-dimes
I'll be dere
Yo, slow down baby
I don't think they ready for this

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