Jane Blaze - Jane's Law Lyrics

Jane Blaze Lyrics

Jane's Law Lyrics
Yeah, uh
Queens baby
Log on to this bitch, uh
Team Work, shot self baby
Uh, yeah
Huh, yeah it's like that
Get ready world
Bout to set this shit on fire one time
Jane Blaze baby
Yo, uh yeah

Give me a few ticks curtains for these ballerina chicks
Trying to heel toe on my Jane Bond tactics
Y'all steady hating on this, crush me wanna bet
Spark it like streetlights at sunset
Throw fear in your hearts like bomb threats
Got you shook up like dourest twitching
Should of never started bitching
Got me pinching bricks of chicks, that stay in the forest
Who be evergreen with envy once found out her flow be flawless
Knocking mine, all I'm trying to do is live and shine
Illuminate the laws of cipher when I ignite rhymes
Your days are numbers, I stunt ya growth flip you into lumber
Jane Bond the double 0 deadly with the magic number
7 like the days of your weak ass flow
Trying to duplicate mines like you employed at Kinko's
You ain't know? Cats get smacked you been digging for that
To keep it love you know it ain't no need to scrap

Take it, however you gonna take it
If it's money to make I'm gone make it
Haters they can't help but hating
(If you want problems, start something)
Take it, however you gonna take it
If it's money to make I'm gone make it
Haters they can't help but hating
(If you want problems, start something)

[Jane Blaze]
In no time I scorch you with the hottest rhyme
Jane Blazing you amazing you with only one line
So thick that when you flap you jibs, I continue to rip
Like the rights of passages y'all surround the event
But when confronted you fold like origami
Like you ain't want it, not bold come out from behind me
What's all of that, yo scandalous snake cats
True my back, then end results you fake jacks
Matter fact I snatch you off throne you think you own
Smash you light tenderizes to the sirloin, this held cap
Smack you with her tongue before she smack you wit her pause
Yours outta stores my lyrics could tour
Before I pass you the rope you hung yourself
Sad mistake like Pandora's box, it's too late
Cursed you, now all that's left at the bottom is hope
You done f*cked up, big time, that's all she wrote


Now it's no more chance in hell
Will I surrender corral holes that fell
You a pretender, suited up mc fronting lets take it to the ring tonight
I leave you frozen like deer's staring at headlights
You easily broken like fine china
Wimpy like glad bags, I spit words like geysers
You waving the white flag, you mad?
Oh my bad, ain't know Jane Bond was gone do you like that
Make my mark leave skid marks like dirty farts
Whip the shit from the hole in your face when you talk
Dar she blows, sizing foes, seismic molds
The worlds shook, be the end result of powerful flows
The last chick standing strong like picks and fist
Maverick to this game y'all stuck in the mist
Of my smoke, screeched on y'all
Jane be the McCoy y'all cats I cock y'all fall


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