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Rollin' With Saget Lyrics
Have you ever had one of those nights
that started off so damn good, no fights no fuss
It's understood that when you to to the bar
(Man, we ain't leavin 'til those girls in the car)
Well this night started off just like that
Except Jamie's in the driver's seat, Saget's in the back
(We rollin on 20's to the club, pull up front)
(Saget's in the backseat, rollin a blunt)
(*coughing*) Valet opens up the door to park the car
The bouncer at the front don't wanna let us in the bar
Bob says {"Here, let me show him some affection"}
(Then he walked up, wound up, cold clock decked him)
Started screamin for that bitch to respect him
Next thing you know we're in the V.I.P. section
(When crew runs deep like this you wanna brag it)
"Who you rollin with?" (Man) I'm rollin with Saget~!

"Who you rollin with?" {*vocal scratch: "Bob Saget"*}
{Numero uno - nobody does it better}
"Who you rollin with?" {*vocal scratch: "Bob Saget"*}
Illest motherf*cker in a cardigan sweater

[Verse 2]
Now the night's young but e'rybody's gettin tipsy
(Bob's in the booth with a chick from Poughkeepsie)
He's orderin the Dom Perignon, just drink it from the bottle
(Makin plans to leave the club with three models)
That's when DMX and 50 Cent walked in
(Bob stood up and said) {"Who are you again?"}
At first all they did was stand around and stare
('Til X pushed Bob and 50 hit him with a chair)
He's in a cardigan, khaki, shoes and no socks
{"You want hardcore motherf*ckers?"} Pulled out a GLOCK~!
{"I got a cock like a donkey, hard as a rock"}
{"And a trigger finger itchier than chicken pox"}
Now everybody threw their hands in the ay-urr
(Bob is drunk with a gun and he just don't cay-urr)
We on the flo', he's on the table now, firin shots
(Paris Hilton's on the cell phone, callin the cops!)
(He blow the coke off the tip of his gun)
{"Bob Saget, bitch, you better AX someone!"}


[Verse 3]
(Bob grabs us and the girls, we run out the back door)
Says he's feelin froggy, that he's still hungry for more
(He's in the back seat, gettin busy again)
Askin the girls if they're lesbians {"Are you?"}
(The girls start kissin, now my dick's gettin hard)
{"Let's go to my place, the hot tub's in the backyard"}
{"I got beer, Henny, an ounce of kush"}
{"Yo J, pull over, I gotta pee in a bush"}
When you're rollin with Saget, there's no time for rest
This motherf*cker's flippin bottle caps off of her chest
Shoutin {"I'm Bob Saget, this is what I do!"}
{"My house, my car - this is my crew!"}
OHHHH~! {"I only hang with Jizamie and Stu"}
(Patrol the mean streets of Malibu)
{"Night boys!"} Tomorrow night we gonna do it again


{*"Bob Saget" cut and scratched*}
{*"The illest motherf*cker in a cardigan sweater"*}

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