James D 303 - Why You Hate Lyrics

James D 303 Lyrics

Why You Hate Lyrics
(feat. Sabrina)

[Hook: Sabrina]
Why you hate, what you can't
Why you hate, who you can't be
Why you hate, what you can't
Why you hate, who you can't beeeeeee
Aaaaaaaah, aaaaaaah-aaaaah

[James D 303]
Don't try to lie and despise, the way my hits come clean
Playa hating all the time, because I'm not on your team
A true playa in the game, it's that James D 303
And the stroke double, that you can't contain I got it going on
I'll leave your ass astonished, cause I'm coming that hard
Dropping the bomb shhh, the shit you're bumping in your cars
The music is contagious, you'll need that as for the stress
Playa hating on my crew, there will be no contest
You better stand in line, if you really wanna test me
Cause it's the battle of the fittest, no you can't get with me
I'll pistol whip you with the mac, when I creep up on you later
No you can't hide, cause I will find all you haters

[Hook: Sabrina]

[James D 303]
Once again like I said, I am what you're not
And you're so envious of me, cause of what I got
So why you at my spot, so constantly
On the jock but at the same time, you're talking that tussle
Can you walk the walk, I hear talk in the ay-er
So more that I hear, or from the hater over thay-er
From the hater over here, cause the way you stingsing me
Everywhere I turn, and there's a hater always near
So who can I trust, who's my truest homie or wait
Who is it I can't trust, nobody shit
I've been through too much, down with too many haters
Enough is enough, catch your world playa

[Hook: Sabrina]

[James D 303]
So they say, keep your worst enemy closer to you
Moving they lips talking that shhh, why you hating on my fool
Do you know why you hating, you can't handle the competition
James D can't be faded, it's like an impossible mission
Dissing pissing off haters, just causing some ruckus
The reason why you hate us, cause uh you can not touch us
I'm like the M-O-B, doing the damage but never seen
You know I'm a true G, 3-0-3 the Denver city
I heard it through the grape vine, that you like to hate
Don't hate the playa hate the game, there is no escape
Cause jealousy, is a mother
Cause jealousy, is a mother

[Hook: Sabrina]

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