James D 303 - We Just Ride Lyrics

James D 303 Lyrics

We Just Ride Lyrics
(feat. Sabrina, Troj Dogg)

[Troj Dogg]
We some riders we some rollers, so let's stroll
Pack the boom hit it slow, and let's go
Picture me rolling strolling, loced in slow-mo
Toasting coasting, ha let out the do'
Eyes red with a smile, head bobbing to the base
Hitting corners high foils, wind in out my face
See a honey then I holla, pimped out pop my collar
Quick to hit it and quick be out, cause I'm a goner
Back to the studio, location's on the low
Laying tracks we never slack, with that Suave Klick bro
Out of control it ain't nothing, never fronting
Shit steady bumping into something, big time stunning

[Hook: Sabrina]
We ride we roll, this ain't nothing
We stroll, real slow
When we ride, when we roll
When we stroll, slow-moooo-ooo-ooo
We riiiiiiiide, we rooooooooll
Suave Smooth, be the klick
When we stroll, rolling out of controoool

[James D 303]
From city to city, anywhere that we go
So tell me are you ready, because it's on to roll
So many places to see, so many places to be
So many fine looking hinas, ready to get with me
No act in me we macking G's, relaxing ease on cruising
Passing that what, cruising toss me, leave the slow pace to me
Rolling in the streets with the trunk full of beats, track after track
With a honey to the right, and with three mo' up in the back
We just ride we just roll, in every warfare I flow
Straight up on G's to the D-Town city, causing ruckus
So you wanna, bounce with it
You really wanna roll me, you really wanna ride me
So tell me do you do you really, really wanna ride we just ride

[Hook: Sabrina]

[James D 303]
3-0-3, floss next to the four mo'
The skills are guaranteed, and was slow with the big...
You just can't control or handle, cruising through the hood
Bumping Suave Smooth slow-mo, up to no good
You know it's candy coated, and all the G's in the Cadillacs
And on the streets my G's get coated, while I Iace up another track
It's time to let you know, who I roll with
James D runs the show, and when I'm creeping on the strip
All the honeys looking fine, my homies are mobbing deep
My crew will drop you like a dime, Suave Smooth you can't defeat
Flossing down the boulevard, I'm seeing all these coppers
Haters acting hard, cause my rhymes are coming proper
Dropping mad beats, I know you feel it in your bones
I'm like a sack of (*inhaling*), without me daily Jones
I know you feel my vibe, cruising in this concrete jungle
While all my riders ride, my crew's game is to hustle

[Hook: Sabrina]

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