James D 303 - Goodbye Letter Lyrics

James D 303 Lyrics

Goodbye Letter Lyrics
(feat. Sabrina)

[Hook: Sabrina & (James D 303)]
You were the one, playing with my mind
I'm sorry baby, it's time to say bye-bye
(say bye, good things don't last forever)
Here's my goodbye, my goodbye letter
You played with my mind, time after time
Too many times, it's time to say bye-bye
You were the one, playing with my mind
I'm sorry baby, it's time to say bye-byyyyyye

[James D 303]
So tell me why you playing, when I give you care for me
If you are so sorry, why don't you come back to me
Or we can work this out, just give it one more chance
I'll show you what it's all about, a life of love and romance
And there's a problem in your crew, status life of what can change
We can do for us, no more tears falling in the rain
All I do is say the beautiful things, cause you are my queen
Forfill your fantasy, and I will give you everything that you need
No more goodbye letters, no more walking out the do'
Everything will be better if you, could love me mo'
Show me a little heart, if you love me like you say
Ain't no more pulling apart, cause girl I want you to stay


[James D 303]
I'll never be the same, I'm hurting and depressed
With you and playing games, you show me you can't last
With them teen nicey eyes, you're driving me insane
These feelings I can't hide, you cause the hurt and the pain
I thought you loved me girl, but I guess your love is blind
You made my mind twirl, playing so many games with my mind
I just don't understand, for what reasons did you leave
You were my girl I was your man, you still left me so lonely
I'd never play with your heart, I'd never play with your mind
Girl you broke my heart, true love like this you will never find
Baby you broke my heart in two, when you walked out my life
And now I'm so confused, I feel our love has just died


[James D 303]
I'm sorry baby, tell me why tell me why
I'm sorry lady, will you come back to this guy
Come on baby, just give it one more try
Didn't mean to play with your mind, didn't mean to make you cry
Baby baby I love you, baby baby I miss you
Baby baby I hope, you feel the same way that I do
Thinking of me too what you wanna do, I don't even know
All I know is I love you, and I don't want you to go
Far away say your way, cause we belong together
And you and me forever, no more goodbye letters


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