James D 303 - Give It 1 More Try Lyrics

James D 303 Lyrics

Give It 1 More Try Lyrics
(feat. 1 N Only, Willis Case, Troj Dogg)

[Willis Case]
I was such a fool (I was such a fool)
To not, appreciate you (I'm sorry baby)
All the lies, all the pride I had inside
I couldn't even, tell you the truth no-oooh
I miss you so much (I miss you lady)
Your love your touch, but I lost your trust
And now I'm incomplete (so incomplete)
Cause, I lost the one thing
That means, the world to me yeah

[James D 303]
You can see in my way, and understand how I feel
I'm sorry for that day, and that I made you think our love wasn't real
I'm sorry, is all I can say
But I need you, and I love you
But as time went on, you felt like you didn't need me
I got the vibe that, you didn't love me
Like the way you say you did, as longer love is drifting apart
So fought that, and did the pain in my heart
Over and over, and again and again
The words you said, you don't love me
You got it wrong, and baby this feeling I have inside
In my mind, girl it's so strong
Just to let you know, I need you
Just to let you know, I love you
So girl, I didn't mean to make you cry
And I know girl, I hurt you with all my lies

[Hook x2]
I never never meant, to make you cry
I never never meant, to tell you lies
Will it help, if I apologize
Baby let's give it, one more try

[Troj Dogg]
Only you boo, can make me feel this way
No more lies give me one mo' try, tears I cry night and die
Cause I miss ya, sure wish I could kiss ya
Instead I'm sitting back, can't relax reminiscing about
The way you made me feel, when we chill lady
So it's a must to regain your trust plus, I love you baby
Cause I need you by my side, so we can ride
Hurt deep inside, mixed up these feelings could never hide
And I promise, I'll always be there
So when you call, girl I'll be here
With open arms, times promise not grow apart
Give you a piece of my soul, and all my heart
So empty, so incomplete without you in my life
These emotions got me twisted up, I can't say goodbye
To what we had it makes me sad, so let's stay strong
And still I pray, for the day you find your way home

[Hook x2]

[1 N Only]
The pain and sorrow, I can't wait for tomorrow
I'd better tell you now, walking down that sad road
Sorry for the lies, here's a tissue for your cries
I never meant to hurt you, wipe the tears from your eyes
You didn't see it coming, in heart break hotel
Apologized so much, you crying but oh well
I'm thirsty for your forgiveness, girl I love you
Take my hand and don't leave me, girl I need you
I'm stuck with the guilt, of doing wrong
In the senses of trust, that I've earned for long
Now it's all in the wind, gone in one breath
The happiness we shared, yo I never forget
See my future without you, is something I can't imagine
Empty and lonely, no reason for living
Don't need a answer now, when you do just call me
Baby I'll do anything, I love you I'm sorry

[Hook x2]

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