James D 303 - Don't Give A **** Lyrics

James D 303 Lyrics

Don't Give A **** Lyrics
(feat. 1 N Only, Troj Dogg)

[Hook x2]
I'm here, to let you all know
I'm here, to let you all know
I'm here, to let you all know
That I don't give a...

[James D 303]
I'm here to let you all know, that I don't give a (what)
That I don't give a (what), that I don't give a (what)
You think you know me, but boy I don't know you
What's this what's that, talk behind my back
You make me laugh, ha-ha-ha
Look at me look at you, what you see hate me fool
But it's cool but it's cool, just do what you gotta do
Quit talking smack, before you get smacked
With a track, upside your head
Words ain't shhhhh, unless the action happening
I'll smoke you like a chronic seed, fire it up
Can't you see what I see, that I don't give a (what)

[Hook x2]

[1 N Only]
Truth be told, ain't no way
You gon stop, my claim to fame
Down with these things, everyday
Use to it, it's a routine mayn
Motivate my skills and, use it to defeat them
Rap hero like Superman, on purpose can you handle it
Keep it real, never fake that funk
Slanging c.d.'s, out the trunk
Serving game, for the mighty buck
Tracks off the hook, never punk
Riding in the fast lane, can you keep up with me
Denver's finest ain't a dream, lavished out this whole team
Tight with this lyrical, call me superficial
Walking ticking original, some scrout to some issues
Bounce loving every minute, hurry up and pass the spinach
Emcees bout to get diminished, turning straight convert to Amish
Let you know, it's all about the scrill
Who's the fake, and who's the real
Talk behind your back, in masks
Now I'm about, to kick some what
So much drama, it's like a soap
Never ending, trying to cope
Even hoes, trying to fast provoke
Let these things, go up in smoke

[Hook x3]

[Troj Dogg]
Troj Dogg, third verse in the cut
Smoke the weed, and get high so what
Mind your business, don't worry bout me
Cause I could care less, can't you see
Blaze the kind, get motivated
Rhymes are tight, that's why I'm hated
Skill to flows, my occupation
Cut your sides, like operation
Got no time, for contemplating
Say your down, but you're still hating
Fools like that, really test my patience
Don't really trip, on what you saying
Beats we playing, tracks we laying
Got three hoes, at the motel waiting
No hesitating, get to playing
Bouncing up and down, you know what I'm saying
Abouts my feddy, always ready
So rest with the stress, cause the flows come steady
Don't need your love, so give my fist a hug
Cause that's what I need, to let you know I don't give a

[Hook x2]

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