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Jamal Lyrics

Live Illegal Lyrics
"Cause long as I'm alive I'm gonna live illegal" [x4]
-Shook Ones pt. 2 -Mobb Deep

[Verse 1:]
Take it to another level of mic murdering
I'm dippin' off the bom bom zee it seems to me lifes slipped
Yeah it's kind of hard not trippin' on these phoney MC's
I'm a resort to gun grippin', blastin' killin' niggas
Jamal is the real raw dog bill a nigga
So many motherf*ckers rappin', yappin' about scrappin'
Marley use to strappin' bust in caps
And dust 'em al off nigga break north
F*ck these bitch ass niggas cause they all soft
Fakin' moves over hoes
Switch they dress code and mode
And now they wanna impore, up in the game
But I'm a blow they ass out the frame
And do it for my niggas f*ck the money and the fame


[Verse 2:]
Marley G drop the sickedest rhymes are the wickedest
Beat to the many motherf*ckers that can get with this
Peep how I demolish, abuse fools that run up on me
I'm gettin' busy by my lonely
For the 9 nickle I'm a get ill like sickle
Cell anemia when I be gettin' technicle
On the M.I.C. I represent and kill shit
F*ck the stressin' I only spit real shit
And niggas best to recognize no time for bullshittin'
Keep your eyes on the prize
So what I'm after is long term like satin
Everlastin' weed and it's all guarenteed
For me to wreck shop on behalf of my people
As long as I'm alive I'm gonna live illegal

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