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Genetic For Terror Lyrics
I'm talking to you niggas on the north, south, east and west
F*ck with Mally G and get a hole in your chest
I'm droping antosiastic metaphoric-type lines
The badest nigga to ever come of from the krib ana ryhme
Bracket fall creep for my deep meditation
As I break their ass up like appreciation
I stepped to the microphone and shouted:
Girls, who's got it.
You can kiss me. And ask to make a love song about it
I'm off the raw from every fras that's stand for black
Get the f*ck out, f*cking rat, just like a pump(hard to hear)
I come from the deep side, with Def squad in the basement
My style's been on deathwatch, like suicidepatients
When 50 grant start the illest level.
Shook in a niggas shaft. I conntact more steels then the devil.
Soon as rock become the main incredient.
I'll be making little niggas like little Ginger
Def squad represanting, get's no ruffer then this, lyrics.
Kill is a sinn
With a guillotine
Showing the Massachutien rap style from juwanail
To cross the border with alphabetical disorder
In sluter, increasing pain, insane in the brain
motherf*ckas blowing their brain in diffrent delain
i take a fake ass nigga and toast his ass
Slik him numb, like multiple-glowroses *blahm*
I'll be that funky-like lyrical maniac who never pays me
Their hoffing and their poffing could never face me
Cuz I'll be, countalistic paper, you be my idol
God damn, the f*cking homicide
Now, who dare's to be looking at me, I ain't nobody
i'm just that little nigga who'll be f*cking up the party
Pop the DJ, with his life collagegrand
And niggas will be blast in the mix

Genetic for terror

Don't ever cross
my brothers, up way in north
But I will never take a lost croud, just stay on course
I've been living on a lot of dog shit
type of more-and-more shit
Alot of MC's lost it
I'm here to terrorize the hardcore in the underground
Niggas back down or you'll get smacked down
On the real. Niggas been acting like a mutherf*cking truppa
I sleep with the luka, to blast the intruders
I walked maniced depressed
You can't f*ck with my steff
I put some wounds into your chest
to put your ass in deep rest
So who're trying to see, leeding his own def squad
Who can put niggas to sleep, like a muthaf*cking graveyard
I split your cranium, take that bullshit-tender
I twist you head off, like Dr. Mindbender
Who's the suspect, dressed in black, and is down on bring you the genetic for terror
Before I even fix my lips to speak, you know what I'll say
This is freaked, with a nuts word-play
I walked onto the face of the earth
All this pussy muthaf*ckas up for what they're worth
I f*ck wild like juwanil and bluetrail
like another rapper, with a freaking wrestlers style
plus, there ain't no such thing as never geting tucked
Girls jump in my flow, like double dunk
i leave em' lost, in between recarection. In judgement day
Is were the punk-nigga lay
And it's deeper then you think
And it's borned alot of ho's so it will sink
F*cking with this, funkabius, Niggas from tha mist
Mothaf*ckas motion get stiff on colarisis
The Def squad MC
PPP, full of struction and addnormality
And we're intact incredibly
Disimpermenent, disability
I escapat like Peggt Flim overfunked beats
And locked down the streets
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