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Jake One Lyrics

Scared Lyrics
(feat. Blueprint)

[Intro: Blueprint - talking]
You know what time it is (you know what time it is)
Yeah (yeah)

[Verse: Blueprint]
Bad Italian chick, loud mouth, kind of thick
Timid in the sack and experienced, scared of the dick
Still she got juice like Tony Soprano
So when I touch down in her town, she scoop me up pronto
Cracked the bottle on some boojie shit I couldn't pronounce
In a restaurant she walked up in just like it's a house
Sit back, crackin jokes with the waiters in their native language
Tippin extra big, I didn't get a chance to pay it
My eyes sold a thing 'cause I ain't have to say it
She lookin like a model, make you want to take it home and spank it
Kool-Aid smiles, every time I seen her naked
Fun to kick it with, but her lifestyle was dangerous ('style was dangerous)
I chilled at her spot when I wasn't on tour
Had to keep her on a chain 'cause she kept it so raw (so raw)
She didn't have to tell me what she did for a living
She had two different apartments in the same building (same building)
I'm there chillin, eatin Pop Tarts watching "The Love Boat"
In my drawers, half asleep (half asleep), she deep in her blunt smoke
Heard a knock at her door, I thought it might be her folks
She grabbed a burner, right then some brothers kicked in a deadbolt (deadbolt)
Ski masks and block hoodies, all that I saw
That saw me, but didn't see my shorty down on the floor
I played dumb, homie snatched me up and asked "where the coke at? "
His face exploded, shorty a surgeon with the gat [gun shot]
He dropped, body stiff, blood splattered my shit
I dipped behind the kitchen counter, not tryin to get hit
Two other dudes still standin, one got a shotty
Other one a twenty-two, that ain't hurtin nobody
He started runnin right past me, forgot I was there
So I trip him up, she grab him, put the gat to his ear
Tell his man to drop the burner or his boy gettin sprayed
But he ran, so she popped his boy anyway [gun shot]
I'm throwin up like a little bitch, there's blood everywhere
She dropped dude's dead body in a La-Z-Boy chair
Lit a square, call the cops, told 'em "get over here! " (get over here)
I'm shook until she tell me "ain't no work up in here" (work up in here)
Cops get there with ambulances, she got all the perfect answers
Totally prepared for what the 5-0 was askin us
I'm panicked but it's obvious this chick is a pro
File a report, told 'em everything they wanted to know (they wanted to know)
She hella calm for a chick sittin on so much blow
She smile, flirted, then walked 'em out to the door
Couldn't ignore how shorty looked like she seen it before
Gangsta (gangsta), not worried about a thing from the law
I had to ask her a question on some serious shit (serious shit)
These dudes kicked in your door and you ain't even flinch
You just caught two bodies, made another one dip
Girl you a pro with a gat but why you scared of the dick?
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