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Jake One Lyrics

Oh Really Lyrics
(feat. Posdnous, Slug)

[Verse 1: Posdnuos]
They say in the last days the father's own child goin to come
Ain't no side of him yet, I think he's on the run
'Til then the party don't stop, 'til the sun
Swallowed a shot of Play Hard, now I'm numb
So loose and ready to spaz over the drum
Give 'em the full sum, so this genera-tion!
Don't ever front on the Plug One
Oddball out of the bunch but still ball with the best of 'em
Been a pop off play to a U-G-K like Pimp and Bun
And when I'm somewhere in between, still second to none
When I'm somewhere off the scene, I'm off wreckin your hun
He majored in thumb sucking, without usin a thumb
I'm here to stun you, with the way I un-do, the mass thinkin, my career
Is done
'Cause in the end, your goin to know (it's just begunnn!)

Head into the studio with the rhymes that's Homer spun
Aim past the fame and shot the fortune
In the leg, and you know he bled, shred in crumbs
Swooped it up, fed some birds, put the rest in the vault, keep it up
Into my lung
Stop suckin in oxygen
'Til then I stay gold like Pony Boy (they young)

[Verse 2: Slug]
So who's the flyest and who's the highest?
And who spits the vitamins for kids to digest?
Who's goin to be the star in the sky
At the after party, With my bodyguards and my stylist?
Kid, go get your nails and your hair did
It's cool your American, you can blame your parents
One big ringtone away from careless
So turn up the bass 'til it makes you feel air sick
Life is complex, I reflect
But I ain't supposed to cry if I want to get respect
The winner gets dinner yet who pays the check?
The internet got us makin hits with people we ain't never met
Log on and rock, rock on
And we ain't goin to stop until these motherf*ckin cops gone
Hopped on the stove top, stirred up the pot wrong
Got milk, got bombs, we ain't got long
I'm goin to party like it's 19 - never mind
And take it back to when today was a better time
Before the rap game became a soup ghetto line
Before the paper it was flavor like a pepper grind
What? We download for the taste test
Yep, 'cause we ain't tryin to waste a paycheck
Used to be the tape decks, played the apex
Now it's all safe sex with fake breasts (breasts...)
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