Jake One - Kissin' The Curb Lyrics

Jake One Lyrics

Kissin' The Curb Lyrics
(feat. Bishop Lamont, Busta Rhymes)

[Intro: Busta Rhymes - talking] [echo]
Hey yo
Aftermath is my family nigga!
F*ck you want to know what size shoe I wear for?
When I could put a f*ckin mule's shoe in your chest cavity nigga!
Yeah, Bishop Lamont, Busta Rhymes, bitch!

[Verse 1: Bishop Lamont]
F*ck that, bear arms, it's my constitutional right
Wild, wild west, this is how we fight
See death around the corner, every day, every night
Act a fool, I pack a tool, unscrew your bug light
What it do, be cool, or be cool in the morgue tonight
I'm hot new, but not new to the game, alright?
La's move, I ain't got shit to prove
Unlike you fag ass rappers that's baggers on youtube
Subliminal disses, yeah I caught you
And you, and you, and you, but where's your album debut?
You see a bitch when you peer in the mirror, I'm not you
I'm grown, I've been dropped out of f*ckin high school
And my backpack nigga is where I tuck that tool
I'll be waitin in your kitchen to hop out like Zool

[Chorus: Busta Rhymes - w/ ad libs]
I don't jet, I'll promise that
If you niggaz really know what's good
You don't really want no problems (OHH!)

When the leather strapped with the horse
And we ridin through "Desperado" style knick
Sick, the way a motherf*cker spit 'til I'm hoarse
And you know that's how I do it all the while prick (OH!)
And you don't want no problems bitch (just get to kissin the curb)
See you don't want me poppin snitch (just get to kissin the curb)
I don't care if you a trick (just get to kissin the curb)
This motherf*cker think he slick (just get to kissin the curb)
I'm sayin

[Verse 2: Bishop Lamont]
Tough guy, every motherf*ckin rhymer
When I catch 'em in the street they delicate as fine china
Bitch ass "na" got sand in they vagina
Get shook they like "wha" like The Spoof was behind 'em
I'm no Spector but the tech bro
Go through all's flow, come get ya
Wet ya, you pearl tongue
Clitoris, I'm serious, equivalent to none
Aftermath, yeah you know I got to say it
Only 'cause I know you jealous bitch niggaz hate it
Probably caught your girl on myspace
When she f*ckin you, she seein my face
That boy shinin, so you know about that REDRUM
But f*ck with me, better duck when them sounds come


[Verse 3: Bishop Lamont]
F-f-fresh I get, f-f-fresh I spit
Hot girls, got even stone dykes on my dick
It's not a figment, of my imagination
Just a benefit, of Dre affiliation
Pimp genetics, natural charm, good conversation
But f*ck the broads bro, back to my battle station
Who want it? You goin to get it
I FedEx it to your house, same day send it
Entrepreneur homeboy, I'm with the business
Blue collar, bloody your collar
If they said you dead, I ain't got to spend a dollar (nope)
It's free of charge when you know the Don Dada
I know O.O.G.'s probably rob your father's father
If you ain't prepared to die, motherf*cker don't bother

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