Jake One - Get 'er Done Lyrics

Jake One Lyrics

Get 'er Done Lyrics
(feat. MF Doom)

[MF Doom:]
Make no mistake son, it's Jake One
He makes beats well like I likes my steaks done
With sauteed onions and hella worcestershire
A gushy beer, to wash it down, douche your ear
And clean the crud out your third eye
For the return of the word guy who known to make turds fly
I had the first fanbase of all hater
Hold that from now it's more waste for y'all later
The bigger they ball they fall greater in gay skirt
The nigga they call for tall paper hit paydirt
Say work, and do you one better, show and prove it
True MC's flow so lose it or move it
With the two bits spit, they sunk him for two cent
Whoever writ they shit tell 'em quit it they too bent
Cut the losses, it ain't balanced what the cost is in horses
Off Saadiq and let 'em know who the boss is

[scratches by Jake One of "get 'er done"]

[MF Doom:]
And it ain't no dental
Only the innate way to groove seem to paint your mental
Usin the insane flow stencil
He said in plain english ain't payin yo' rent bill
But still, the gent was I'll
With the intent to kill, the set was krill
To the full extent of skill, vent the grill
Villain make 'em feel like the deal spent a mill'
Method for real folks, bet'cha dying dollar
Get them to steel choke when they met the iron collar
Wrote this oath while pinching a loaf
Metal Face rhymesayers mention 'em both
Raise your right palm, we do solemnly swear
To stack more dough more calmly this year
Doom get the cash like cow, cheddar son
Have it in a smash like BOW, get 'er done

[scratches by Jake One of "get 'er done"]
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