Jake One - Feelin' My Shit Lyrics

Jake One Lyrics

Feelin' My Shit Lyrics
(feat. Casual)

[Chorus 1: Casual]
The Neptunes, them niggas feel my shit
Kanye, nigga feel my shit
Biggie Smalls, he used to love my shit
And all the others used to say, "this blood can spit"
Outkast, they feel my shit
Dave Banner, he feel my shit
E-40, he love my shit
And all the others say (yeah!), "blood can spit"

[Verse 1: Casual]
Buh uh, ladies and gents, the Mercedes, the Benz
I get 80 percent of a major event
Better go, better go let it go, I set it for yo, pathetic flow
You don't know what you headed for (huh!)
From no riches to breaking down blunts with bitches
And funny niggas still act like they want the business
While you better make a run for the gun store
You know me as god's child setting your soul free
The poverty stricken, Wallabee kicking, top quality spitting
Make them all holler "he hitting" (huh!)
I get lustful over the knowledge I desire so
I expect of my women what a college may require
Well-trained (huh!) Impalas by the fire
So when I come around, acknowledge that I'm fly-er (huh!)
I'm the west coast rapper with the best flow
And who gon' protest that? I'm too fresh

[Chorus 2: Casual]
Self Scientific, them niggas feel my shit
Slum Village, them niggas love my shit
Keek the Sneak, the nigga love my shit
And all the others say "this blood can spit"
MF Doom, the nigga feelin my shit
Eminem (yeah!), the nigga love my shit
Snoop Dogg, the nigga feel my shit
And all others say "this cause can spit"

[Verse 2: Casual]
That a way! in Manhattan at a matinee
Michigan, with a chick again, Alize
Let's go to Mexico, checks to blow
Off that, very special, the extra o
We off to Miami, with my family
And I give you the business while sipping the privelage
Then scoop to East Oakland where all my niggas hear me
Light green smoke then sipping on remy
It's on me, cash, and Dame Dash
Sipping on army with bitches on Harleys
Or esaurito with my good friend del
And all we ever drink is white zinfindel
Now check it out

[Chorus 3:]
Niggas feelin' my shit
Com(mon) Sense (yeah!), my nigga feelin' my shit
50 Cent (uh huh!), my nigga love my shit
And all the others say, "this blood can spit"
Cee-Lo (huh!), nigga feelin' my shit
Mobb Deep (yep!), them niggas feelin' my shit
Lil' Jon (huh!), your boy love my shit
And all the others say, "this blood can spit"
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