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Bless The Child Lyrics
(feat. Little Brother)

[Chorus: Phonte]
Uh, I keep it simple and plain and make it fly to ya
I never hold my tongue, I never lie to ya
I share joy and pain and even cry with ya
Passenger seat, whenever it's time to ride with ya
Momma you're dealin with professionals
Relax, fall back, just settle down
He's a legend, you're f*ckin with the best around
No stress, aw yes, God bless the child

[Verse 1: Rapper Big Pooh]
Cause I'm the last one spittin, yes it is written
Everything I've done in the past, it was bitten
Niggaz just kiddin, would so they lyin
Bur first or he tellin, late fiction I ain't buyin
Yes I am eyein, piece of the pie and
Better get it soon cause these labels keep dyin
You rappers tryin, already I am
Jake One to give 'em up, I'm a keep firin, 'til I hear sirens
Blue lights flashin, LB mash on these niggaz
I'm gettin kind of brash on these niggaz
I don't kiss ass, pussy niggaz walkin by me with a speed pass
Ain't no heart in 'em, there's just a little bit of art in 'em
I'm no killer, I'd spare with 'em
I'm a man, I don't think you niggaz understand
You never could keep up with the plans
You don't hear me though


[Verse 2: Phonte]
Uh, listen, listen
Aiyyo, I never won an Oscar, I just act like I want it
Die for my family and live for the moment
And that's the main difference between me and my opponent
They just say 'f*ck the world, ' I bone it like I own it
I wake up in the mornin, hittin the ground runnin
Tryin to pound somethin, still swingin a battle ax
They say 'life's a bitch, ' but if life's a bitch
I'm throwin this D on her like she was my Cadillac
Killin her softly with long strokes
That's what the grown folks do when they get down in the trenches
She don't want to give, so I take
And to her it's like rape, but to me it's just a conflict of entrance
Last play of the game, no time on the clock
And the margin of error, is just a matter of inches
F*ck it we goin for it, nigga balls to the wall
'Tigilo one of the illest that you'll ever witness
Yes sir


No stress, aw yes, God bless the child [x2]

[Outro: Phonte - scratching]
(Who's world is this?) Yeah, let's ride to it ("it's yours")
(Who's world is this?) Let's put the windows down, let's ride to it ("it's yours")
(Who's world is this?) Let's turn the system up, let's ride to it ("it's yours")
Put your elbow out the window, ("it's yours"), let's go

(Who's world is this?) ("it's yours") [x3]

("It's yours") - scratched

(Who's world is this?) ("it's yours") [x3]

("It's") - scratched

(Who's world is this?) ("it's yours") - 3X
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