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What You Wanna Do Lyrics
[Guy talking]

Yo Millz What You Wanna Do ?
I wanna Smack A Nigga
And Then What You Gon Do ?
Probally Teck 9 Or Mack A Nigga
And If A Nigga Try ta front
We Gon Stomp His Ass Out Put The Burner In His Mouth And Show Him What The F*ck we Bout Yo
Rem What You Wanna Do ?
I Wanna Smack A Bitch
And Then What you Gon do ?
Probally Baseball Bat A Bitch
And If The Bitch Try Ta Front ?
Im Gonna Tissaway Backwards Make Her Understand Around Here How Its Happening

[verse 1:]
The Say I Be Whyaling cus Remy Dont Take No Shit,
they say that im violent but Really I just Hate Me A bitch, See Truthfully I just Really Want To Roll Up and Than, Drank More Liquor Till I Throw Up
now All Of A sudden Now Everybody Popping They Aint Rocking Like Me Im Super Disrespecting Bitch
I'll Go Smoking Your Weed See The Problem is I dont Want you to touch Me Im Concieded I got A reason And All Of Yall Bitches Is Ugly .Now Everyday Im Hustling ,I dun Had Enough Of Dem,
Everyday Im Crushing Dem None Of Dem Cannot F*ck With Rem Im Fly So I gotta Stay On My Shit, And You A Bird If You Got A Nigga Name On Your Tit Bitch !.


[Jae Millz:]
Yo, its The Boy From the NY sliding through the MI And I Aint Gotta Front For None Of These Hoes Beacause Ive Been Fly ! Niggas Stun On Me And Imma Let Like Tin Fly and If The Pussy Run Then Rin And Min Then Gin Die Its Jay Mills Mutha F*cka You Noe Who I Bee;s Got My Stomper Nigga Boots On i call them ACG;S You Frontin you dumpin , Pussy You Runnin We Gunnin Im High High In This Bitch I Dare Your Ass To Try Something
I Be Crazy Incase The Work Begins to Pick up [?] Once Your Body Get Hit Up let me see how fast your drunk ass get up,nigga


[Remy Ma:]
R to The EZZY im Everywhere Like Air Got All These chicks running round with half blonde and black hair attitude like what ;middle fingers up and every other word out my mouth is f*ck To Me A guy is a nigga no matter his race and every girl is a bitch no matter Her Age and i can tell you never had nobody spit in your face you must have Never to get your front theeth replaced you aint never got stomped out boogie down bronxta to record to record niggas be talking bout the same shit whens the last time you had your ribs i try to tell thses niggas to li li lis-ten


[Guy talking]
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