Jae Millz - Millzy Going Hammer Lyrics

Jae Millz Lyrics

Millzy Going Hammer Lyrics
All the way from the 212 to you it's mess.

I got the hood going Hammer,
And bitch the world next,
I'm in this niggers stereo, and then the girls next,
I'm a true party boy, I party to the depth,
I hit that pussy from the back and make your bitch flex,
Yes, f*ck, here I go, here I got home
Make porno with... my girls... flick camera,
You... with your money, and that boy don't understand,
Hi hi hit you with the... I'm not a,..
Up town... country grandma,
I had to learn once I met him... down in Atlanta,
... going in Hammer, be in the,.. like a
You try to hit the millz, now...
You shit it on yourself now... change your...
My bitch... pussy... like a rose, Amber
F*ck around with my team, you won't be a happy,..
... nigger... I really assure,..
If you think you stop the song,.. your term is wrong,

New York City... what I am on,..
Now two face... like Michel,..
Young money cash... in Atlanta,
You got the plastic... brings...
Ain't no model in Miami that don't know my name,
Bitch, if I ain't f*ck em than my brother,..
F*ck famous, I'm dangerous,..

... only thing I feel for these rappers is I'm feeling wag in
And that's just why every boy rap I'm gonna steal that
Been that nigger and if I loo I'm still less,
You've been broke and you try to steal...
Shake it, they scream... hurt... them but I... and you can't touch them...
And you better pray you stop working 'cause they put me in the mix
But I'm too... to quit,
I'm... like my song, I'm out.
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