Jadakiss - Toast 2 That Lyrics

Jadakiss Lyrics

Toast 2 That Lyrics
lets toast to the street life
this is how we eat right?
strip harsch chris bosch
gotta keep the heat tight
toast to the connect
cheers to the cheap price
toast to those too foul
avoidin the three strikes
blue range the cash we took
i threw shoes on the sport
it got atheletes foot
the god flash the gems
i nicknamed your girl kim
cuz every time the car dash she in
ya use to scrape the plate
had the head swingin back n forth
cops tried to ban me from the court
reilly still with his girl but he knows
she aint a dime i can see that cellulite shit
those are just dimes i can see they sell you like shit
fred the god jadakiss whats close to that?
now lets toast to that
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