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The People Lyrics
This is for the black radeo niggas that play c lo always on the d low with dreams of a kilo it's nice if jordan hit the jumper on craig elo show a stranger love hate on a nigga we no a lot of niggas got killed because of they ego ether over a bitch or a couple of cenos it's rough in the g h e t t o got to learn how to hear no evil an see no I spit nothin but acid like amino still good for your skin though like aveno hunnies be amazed how my hursy kiss ring glow miss being with my grandma playin bingo whole album is crack not jus the singles it's garbage if u put it on your tounge and it don't tingle still be in the hood nigga I let the things go bullets gone burn but the razers gone sting tho do this for nigga in kac saky in swing you got a team out in louy ville like patino kill you in 88 minutes like pacino conets show me how to play dominos with pakinos 21 nigga I'm robbin all the casinos name name ring bells from rikas island to chino little niggas with chppers hoppin out the comino who ever didn't get hit evacuated the scene you you no that I don't f*ck around let your team no or one day wen your out of town I'll let your queen no I mean wat I say and I say wat I mean yo take you to the hospital first an then you spleen yo and I ain't tryna get funny money I need mean dough niggas can't f*ck with the gaurd come clean yo I shit on niggas dreams yo kiss my ass

[Styles P:]
This is for the black ipidod niggas who steal kidars those up north in the yard on the bizard who ever sold 50 of weed da cigar could except wen the jets got breadfedar true new yorker need money like aredar get out of place and your face I'll get skidard use to blow weed with big out of da jidar pr u could get pluk like a string on the gitar you could be this years bird and get kildof if I'm on the road it's me bizzy and hit hard real ironic better get bizzy and hit hard n hop in the bigg ass van and drive fizar real hood nigga so never call me a stizar more like the sun and the moon ask the gizard can't understand tight jeans big skidars niggas look half way gay mad bizar buck shot daiy I'm up in the juice hisard nice on the mic lile coogy king and isard 4 4 boldo knockin a nigga rib out 12 gauge shot gun tarrin lid off kid nap a girl for droppin a nigga kid of come back with rthe bricks then droppin a nigga shit off drop top then get it poppin wen it skidoff louch kiss and me is the best who wanna spit off
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