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The Last Days Lyrics
Haze, Kush from Cali, old denail's, Baltimore, making dope sales in the alleys. I'm back, no more love songs, my young boy Philly do his thing with the gloves on. My other man blew trial, they got a dub for em' Treat his son like he mine, nothing but love for him. Yeah, V10, White M, Black Guts, No Tints, And you can down-shift with your finger, it makes no sense. The tip of the hawk, I'll poke your eye, coke is high, everybody is supposed to die. You know me I give the grams to shorty, Let him get it off his hands for 40, Get his man some Orei's. Big CNN fan, Still man's with N.O.R.E, And will not lose, cause nigga I demand the glory. I got the globe covered, Niggas is cold-hearted and cold-blodded, Still the hoes love it. I open up budgets, I'm thoroughly Re-in' BROKE IS SOMETHING YOU DON'T GOT TO WORRY ABOUT ME BEING. I done scorched the projects, I'm a boss with logic, nothing but the man on the horse in my closets. you see the "D", you know he reppin' he hold his weapon, EVERYBODY IS GARBAGE, NO EXCEPTIONS! He's so nice but so mean, the old fiends say my 16's is tylenol with codiene. Give em here, all I need is a dutch and an engineer, and I'll end a nigga career. Yeah I can have your ass leaking tonight, yes-man in niggas camps got em thinking they nice. Maybe they just under the influence, Or shit that they been doing, and don't know that it can get him ruined.
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