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Respect It Lyrics
[Movie Bites from "Casino (1995) ", Joe Pesci as Nicky Santoro speaks (Fabolous):]
If you don't have my money for me, I'll...
Crack your f*ckin' head wide open in front of everyone in the bank!
And just about the time that I'm comin' out the jail...
You'll be comin' out of your coma! (hahahha!)
And guess what? (guess what?)
I'll split your f*ckin' head open again!

When I ain't chillin', I'm killin'. - So there's no competition;
A real nigga with money, that's one hell of a composition!
Only costin' me 5, (haaahhh!) - make it look like it's 20. (yeah!)
They say I look like my mama, I say: "I look like my money." (yeah!)
You can't tell me I ain't lookin' like a motherf*ckin' million (word!)
Play my cards right now I'm a motherf*ckin' dealer. (niiiice!)
Got the LV on like I'm "Runnin' Rebel", (Louie!)
Duke chain gotta cross full of blue devils. (riiiiight!)
No college or 9-2-5, but I'm a grinder! (I'm a grinder!)
Not the kinda nigga who major in somethin' minor. (somethin' minor!)
My shooters like recruiters, they'll come and find ya! (find ya!)
Heat everyday, I'll call 'em "the summer timers". (summer timers!)
Truth be told, - you niggas never told the truth! (yeah!)
I'm guilty of gettin' money and I show them proof. (yeah!)
Buy a car like fast food, roll up to the booth; (that's right y'all!)
Then I order a new Coupe and tell 'em: "Hold the roof! " - Woof!

[Chorus: Lloyd Bank$ (Jadakiss)]
I get mine by the seconds,
Man, I'm shinin' on 'em out here 24/7;
Yeeaah! - Don't trust nothin' but your weapon!
Get your dough and don't sleep - like the city that I'm reppin'!

All the baaad bitches (uh!) checkin'. - Solo when I step in; (yeah!)
2 broads when I step out, - pop bottles in my section;
Yeeaah! (HE-HEEEEEEEEEHHHHHH!) - Ain't no time, ain't no stressin'! (uh-huh!)
Get it like I got mine, (yup!) then they all (yeah!) gon' respect it! (yo!)

I had the crown for so long, (uh!) - can't put it up in the closet! (hehe!)
I get millions of dollars, I make - heavy deposits. (uh!)
Ain't no "if", "ands" or "maybes", you'll probably let it go; (uh-huh!)
The one who fathered your style, - the guardian of your flow!
If you're dope as a.9, - it's hardly every slow!
I'm in Versace again. (hmmm!) - Probably head to toe. (fresh!)
I keep my hands to myself, - but I Know how to touch you;
They say I know how to rap. (I know!) - I say: "I know how to hustle." (uh-huh!)
Tryna get wavy on me, - but I know how to brush you (I know!)
Now you think you the shit; - but I know how to flush you!
Yeah! - Shhh! - Quite money off of loudpacks, (loud!)
Watch out for Kentucky cause they some wildcats. (wild!)
Kingpin turn 'to wild rats, (hmmm!)
When you get that paper work, - that's wild fax! (fax!)
I was raised on a hard block, (uh!)
Flip it twice, get the drop and the hard top! - Raw!


[Lloyd Bank$:]
Uhh - Soon as my jewels hit, - dozen bottles when I'm on my cool shit,
Hundred-thousand on me, times two chick.
Woke up to somethin', I had to start with her buzzin',
They never looked just 'bout by me, now they be act like they love (h) I'm,
I hate you suckas with a passiiiooon,
Leave it to ugly, plug me in and I come to win, kingpin; bling! I'm mashin'!
Screams while I'm steppin' through, - some kinda respect is due
Chief with the spear like the Seminoles, FSU.
I'm on my higher power, I don't trust a soul! (soul!)
Put all my enemies together and crush 'em slow!
First I need a statue, then I need it dumped in gold;
Flyer than all that new shit in somethin' old.
F*ck your statement if it ain't about a payment,
If you see me make mistakes, I'm glad to see you've seen me make it!
Take a look at how I'm livin'! - Live my days like my laaast,
Last time I was there, - there were tables of cash. (uh!) - Yeeaah!

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