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Jada's Got A Gun Lyrics
[Antoine Stanton]
In the streets (it's real)
shit it f*ckin real out here (no doubt...)
niggas be hatin, violatin (fo sho, f*ck it)
but you need to know... owww!

[HOOK: E McCaine]
Jada's, got a, Jada's, got a GUN
Niggas, clear out, bitches, duck and RUN
Jada's, got a, Jada's, got a GUN
Niggas, clear out, bitches, duck and RUN

[Verse 1]
and I been had one so don't forget that
357 Magnum wit no kickback
Put 'em all in your six pack for a big stack
and I never keep the money where I keep the clips at
Violatin get you one in your throat
you still datin your heat, but me and my guns elope
when I die bury me with the toast
in case I run into a little bit of drama wherever I go
and I won't hesitate, make you levitate
hit you with the titanium, 38, and it's featherweight
bullets like good dope how I keep 'em coming
kill a couple niggas then everybody want 'em
who gon' shoot and who gon' brawl
if push comes to shove everybody know, you gon' fall
and I got mine on me
the automatic or the 40 cali, or even the black glock nine on me


[Verse 2]
I got a gun wit 200 shots
I'm the reason you moved your family to a whole new other block
I got shit that could wake up the deaf
that'll knock down the door and break up the steps
don't even bother wearin a vest
cuz these aint the kinda slugs that's gon' get lodged in your chest
gotta nighttime scope that could see through the walls
so just to get shit crackin I'ma tear up your dog
I'ma show you what's dumbin out
and you could believe whatever I shoot it's comin off or comin out
and don't even try runnin out
cuz the 44 mag'll leave your ass by another house
this is Jadakiss, I'm sprayin everything I see in my radius
the kids stay blazin shit
which gun is my favorite
I don't know I got 'em all from the old to the latest shit


[Verse 3]
guns and the sneakers made Jada
the bitches and the reefer came later with the money and the haters
but I'm a humble kid
still put the pump in your baby mother mouth make her mumble where you live
25 years no felony I'm tellin y'all
why you think I saved it, to blow a nigga melon off
as a young boy always carried a cap gun
fell in love wit it first time I clapped one
now I'm a grown man more mature and pleasant
and like hittin niggas in the jaw with the desert
and everybody got a gun, why not me
you gotta keep it on you now it's just like I.D.
and I never seen a man cry til I seen a man shot
f*ck pride, bullets is too damn hot
so if you aint got one then you gotta run
handle it, or tell the whole world that...

[HOOK x2]
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