Jadakiss - F*ck Beanie Sigel (Freestyle) Lyrics

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F*ck Beanie Sigel (Freestyle) Lyrics
Yo when I met you, you was on my dick
Jigga gave you his old Bentley's, now you on some shit
And I don't know where they found you son
But since ya pops ain't around I'ma punish you and ground you son
And niggas can't stand you Sigel
Ya flow is mine anyway so don't bite the hand that feed you
Them niggas that gassed you is ass too
Trust me, them niggas don't wanna shoot 5 dawg they rusty
Believe or not, the ghetto is mine
And when I see you, I'ma put ya conrows on the yellow lines
I got niggas in Philly that been where you live
F*ck Scarface, my bullets hit women and kids
Worst mistake was trying for me
And you can bring the baby gorilla, with you, he dying for free
And I'm stuntin on a disco beat
And you'se a fag, ya next rhyme should be on a Sisquo beat
And I hate Beans but f*ck it, Kiss gon eat
It's me and you, f*ck the labels, lets go streets
Ya rap fans need me
I don't know why this nigga keep talking greasy when Macs jam easy
What the f*ck was you thinkin nigga?
Fat stinkin nigga...what bitch wanna lay with you?
F*ck nigga, I could get you merked in a day or two
No casket, only thing left was a braid or two
You forget, the reason that you signed to the Roc
Cause you listened and you watched, and listened to the Lox?
All it takes is a gun and a bomb
You got me on tape, Hard Knock Life tour, huggin ya moms
Mos def, I'll have a dude buried in carcass
For a Kool G and I'm not from Rawkus
Dawg you still gotta convince me
And don't be a coward and try to turn Finley against me
And I ain't making no more songs neither
So when I shoot 'em in his face, I don't wanna hear that I'm wrong neither
Hold that, suck my dick, faggot!
None of ya'll niggas can f*ck wit Kiss
It's the J to the izz A, D to the izz A
Ya'll niggas is pussy, ya'll don't want no gunplizzay
Sigel's not real to me therfore he doesn't exist
Vamoose, son of a Kiss...
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