Jadakiss - Don't Get Scared (Freestyle) Lyrics

Jadakiss Lyrics

Don't Get Scared (Freestyle) Lyrics
Ugh, muah don't get scared

Niggas is fake but there's alot of real shit out here feels like I'm doing a bid out here the industries just like minstate you bullshit and every one around you considered a inmate these little dudes wanna be kissin believe that if BIG was alive alot of shit would be different K-I nigga back in effect thermal on hoodie with the gat in the vest the pinero got sent for a minute and getting money from the inside while me and louch spit for a minute and I rather move haze cus the powders dirty and I see D-block in the power 30 but I might put dust in the streets or hit dust in the bleep use the car so they don't f*ck with the jeep cus I'm on the money train till the rails is gone this for the niggas in the box with chuck taylors on niggas feel kiss, feel kiss bullets will kiss hard feel jada just cus he ain't been in the slick talk f*ck ya junior house and the side of ya car bottom line nigga ain't nobody hotter then muah I got square feet too plus mine own well give you poison spring water and I won't tell walk with me come in next man hood to follow bring it back to '87 hit the hood with bottles lover boy you should stay with ya bitch f*ck rap I make a car charge put a 2 8 and get rich if you ain't worth killin I'll spare you and then slice you the fact that I'm back don't matter I been nicer try to let ya eat while I was doing some show laundry ass niggas ya should start doing some los while ya wanna park ya should start movin some O's but as soon as you f*ck up a pack I'm a f*ck up ya back dump a clip in you slam the gun f*ck up the mac song chargin in the booth the way I bump up the track even though my jerseys clean but f*ck up the hats D-Block motha f*cka what's f*ckin with that
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