Jadakiss - BET Cypher 2008 Lyrics

Jadakiss Lyrics

BET Cypher 2008 Lyrics
[Ace Hood:]
No one on the corner has swagger like this, cause I'm so incredible the not compatible to me. eat em up like I was hannibal, the cattle to a beast, graduated from the hunger now it's rappers that I feast. and I'm coming for each and every1 of u that said I cudnt do now I'm swergity swagging on u bums doin this interview. call it an interlude, talking to u inner fools, got nominated, I know they hate it, they sick of dude, but if u sick of new, I feed the lamers thera flu, get em man and buy a coupe and drop the roof, adjust the cruise, show them what the swagger do, it's on the highest altitude. they can't fit my sneaker shoes the best rapper attitude. see the younging in the zone the beaches, see the features on my faces I can't erase because my swagger so amazing homles, catch me at the top I'm throwing big j and hot metal balling like I'm carmelo the next best is on.

[Juelz Santana:]
There's only two men I fear when it comes to a battle, God and my shadow, everybody else get a raveled, tangled mangled, totally disabled, hung from a roof watch em dangle, then I make his wife feel the pain too, anal, juelz santana forget those busters, the boy flows harder than kimbos punches, you boyz betta step aside, b4 I get at guys, you jus bugs I'm spittin at em pesticides, your not mobsters wait stop the fake, or get found dead with your head in that pasta plate, money in the bank I benefit from my benefits, I'm making it while I'm spending it. you go to the louie store, you go to the gucci store, you go to the mall spend it all what u do that for, u cud buy the rags, u cud buy the bags but there ain't no sign that say they sell swag. but u cud watch me and do your best immitation, u need a little time, a little preparation, but sooner or later your gonna have to face it, I like a pent house, your a fixed up basement. as far a chicks go I get it u take it, I give em all franks they call me nathan's.

Lyrically it don't matter, up in coming or has been, I'm in your ass B whose the next razz B, word play king I'm not the one to scrabble with, the rocks got more carrots in it than rabbit shit. now after these I'll lines u might see y I'll need a deal sign, cause everybody comin in the year is failin, ask y and they jus play sarah palen, I'd rather be in mahwi para sailing, cause wen u in the lead u don't care who trailing. so get ya lil money, u waznt a threat, wen we was makin it rain u wasn't drizzling yet, right meech death b4 the sonar, your swaggers like mine cause I left it on the corner. so fly I gat to shop at the sky mall and this summer we gettin more drops than eyeballs loser.

I told u this once hip hop is not dead, change gone come jus like barack said, money, power, respect like the lox said, u wud be the man of the house my paps said. heat the streets up right quick it's all timing, gucci everything, sierra leon diamonds, u cud know so much yet but no nothing, if I don't no nothing else, bet I know hustling. this ain't even a rhyme it's a controlled substance, strictly iron swinging no tustling, I jus do bizness I don't do friends, brand new m1's and 9mm's. as long as moneys involved with it I'm in, u ain't gatta second guess the best I'm him, I would rap circles around these new urcles, everything is digital the purples still purple. so I'm staying in my lane til it opens up, I'm like a sponge in the game jus soaking up, before I'm gone I deserve a hit, I know u heard of kiss this is the cypher I murdered it.
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