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A-Yo Freestyle Lyrics
Uh collision, I'm a problem & nobody can solve em, I'm long division
On the road of success but it's more of a mission
They said I would be dead or I was goin to prison
No one of them is certain but the other one isnt, made rare decisions
Rock diamonds that impared your vision, even supplied ya'll for years with listen
Like I'm jus startin but I got years of wisdom
Stripes I got nigga, it took years to get em
Whenever you see him notice his same peers is with him
He distroys tracks the minute he hears the riddim
Not only a hell of a flow but his ears forbidden
And if you think this is a ring tone, yea you kiddin
Fifty thousand records sold, right yea you kiddin
It was his time to go he ain't care who did em
Didn't appreciate life & got aired for livin
Pcp by the litre, good sheba, sergios tech sweat suits good adidas
The jewels is invincible that we was suppose to get from them
Use to send them to the store, now we blowin piff with them
Nowa days it's different, I was fortunate cause I did alot of listenin
The new era is missin it, everybody three fifty seven & four fif'n it
Drug program two to four, three to six'n it, feds send niggas way out by lake michigan
Put the coke in the tires only if they michigan,
Never talk on the fone only deal with offical men
You don't even know homie that put you in the shit you in
Gotta busy schedule & I don't think I can fit you in, what's good for me ain't good for them
No matter what set you claim or what hood you in
I hit you & find you a wood box for them to put you in
Stay away from the people that act scary, the maserati gran turismo is black cherry,
People that control the world from black berries
But you will never know cus they keepin the facts buried
Before I had a deal I was movin them packs freely
Made a couple million offa rap & then I got greedy, competition got so garbage it got easy
Then the internet kilt the game & it got greezy, download upload before the dutch rolled
Not only that all the rappers got went into suck mode, soon as the plague is done with, you kno son spit let you get ya mind right, by past the dumb shit, before I hop in & leave,
You gotta pop in & leave this is somethin you can pop in & leave,
Know it's theraputic but becareful how you use it the flow might
Make your ear drums pop & then bleed.
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