Jacki-O - Slow Down Lyrics

Jacki-O Lyrics

Slow Down Lyrics
Jacki-O the madame of Miami
Ride around all day in a skirt no panties.
So mannish, throws so cabanish
South Beach gotcha girl skin so tannish.
Florida, given u more than her
You like it right thurr
but the bitch right her(whoop whoop)
My ass been fat and I never had a problem with my neck or my back.
They cant hang with me, they cant hang with me, they cant hang with me, they cant hang with me(South Beach huh)
Naw dogg, im from the other side of the bridge where niggas get killed dogg, for real dogg, boy chill dogg, you better off poppin a pill dogg (Ay Connie).
Thats right we on the map
first album, first tour and the pre boast rap.
It's like every other city we go,
Travelin' coast to coast, L.A.
I make 'em holla out my name right before i leave,
I tell 'em Jacki-O the madame of the industry.
My enemies got in suicidal situation
They aint even know the nookie bitch that they was facin'.
Picture the prophecy with pistols out the paper back.
Silence the chatter cause we're poor, we dont even matter.

Slow down for you wreck out.
Slow down for you wreck out.
Slow down for you wreck out.
Slow down for you wreck out.

I'm a poe boy soldier
thought i told ya.
You think Im playin'
what you think Im on the road for huh.
I got shows bro.
I got a gold bro.
First week drop want 2million of 'em sold bro. all in the know ya.
Gettin gold rock
its chess not checkers you heard me.
Sugary wall. Scott D.A. get Timmay.
Gimme track, shit i'll get this back to you in 3 days.
Hit Rick, tell him we need another one.
Damn near blew the engine on the other one.
These hoes dont like me
I know these hoes wanna fight me.
But, somehow someway, we keep commin' up with funky ass hits on the road everyday.


I cant really explain it,
i'm in the industry now,
even my enemies fellin me,
they so into me now.
Yea B. I come from a different sea
I fish scales retails for 'bout two three's.
Jacki-O, a gift not a curse
think i'm a itch now
well the rash gets worse.
Yea, gottem pacin the floors now
They gettin ghost writers to save these whores now.
DAAAAMN hoe, in '98 you had fans hoe, what the f*ck happened to you.
j-j-j-j-j-j-j Jacki-O
Because you stoppin my grind
Got these sparklin diamonds
Top of the line,
Plus I got remarkable timin'.
They say I walk aroun like I got a S on my chest,
It's just the poe boy piece with invisible sex.

[Chorus: fade out]
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